How to get credit

  • DTL learning resources will remain live

    Even though redistricting is over, the Committee of Seventy is keeping DTL's learning resources active and free for use.

    Image Credit: Linda Breitstein
  • DTL's Impact

    Five years ago, the Committee of Seventy launched Draw the Lines PA to bring unprecedented transparency and citizen engagement to this once-arcane and hugely important process. We were operating on the hunch that when citizens literally take mapping into their own hands, they would unleash fresh streams of energy, accountability, and political power. We succeeded beyond our wildest dreams.

  • Thanks, from Draw the Lines

    Five years ago, the Committee of Seventy launched Draw the Lines PA to bring unprecedented transparency and citizen engagement to this once-arcane and hugely important process. We succeeded beyond our wildest dreams.

  • Statement on the PA Supreme Court’s Map Selection

    The Pennsylvania State Supreme Court today announced via a 4-3 decision to select the “Carter map” as the map for Pennsylvania’s congressional districts for the next decade.

  • Draw the Lines Brief to the State Supreme Court

    Draw the Lines has filed a brief with the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, arguing for the Citizens' Map instead of HB 2146.

  • The choice facing the PA Supreme Court

    The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania has taken up the redistricting case. Here's what we hope they do:

  • The Senate Fails to Compromise

    The just-passed congressional map is a disappointment; Draw the Lines urges the Commonwealth Court to select the PA Citizens' Map.

  • Revising the PA Citizens' Map

    Draw the Lines releases an updated version of the Pennsylvania Citizens’ Map.

  • DTL Statement on revised congressional map draft from House


  • Draw the Lines Statement on House State Gov't Committee draft map

    Today, the Pennsylvania House State Government Committee released a preliminary Congressional redistricting map for public input. In response, David Thornburgh, Chair of Draw the Lines PA, released the following statement:

  • Draw the Lines video series of Pennsylvanians discussing the Citizens' Map

    Draw the Lines is proud to introduce a new video series that will interview the people who helped contribute to the PA Citizens' Map. Some are senior citizens. Some aren't even seniors in high school. They come from all over PA, with a range of backgrounds. They focused on different goals in their own maps, like compactness, minimizing splits, honoring the Voting Rights Act, or pursuing competitive elections. All are focused on a transparent process and better maps than 2011.

  • Citizen Map Corps members give their thoughts on draft legislative maps to LRC

    The PA Legislative Reapportionment Commission will field testimony on Nov. 15, 2021 on citizen-drawn state legislative maps. Here is ours.

  • DTL calls on legislature to immediately produce a congressional map

    Draw the Lines today publicly called on the General Assembly to swiftly and transparently produce a draft map of congressional districts for public comment, using the 2020 Census data released in August, citing its own Pennsylvania Citizens’ Map as an example of a fair and sound map that was produced using input from thousands of Pennsylvanians who drew their own districts.

  • Sampling the public comments on the PA Citizens' Map

    Draw the Lines has been fielding public comments on our Citizens' Map since we released it in Sept. Here's a sample. We expect the General Assembly to do the same and release a draft map for public comment.

  • David Thornburgh's testimony to the House State Gov't Cmte

    Our chair testified to the House State Government Committee about congressional redistricting on Oct. 20. Read and watch his testimony.

  • Draw the Lines to present Citizens' Map to legislators

    On Oct. 26th, Draw the Lines will be sharing the Citizens' Map directly with legislators, and helping them "piece together" PA's next voting districts.

  • Draw the Lines Releases first-ever Pennsylvania Citizens’ Map of congressional districts

    Using Census Data released in August, the Citizens’ Map was produced by over 7,200 Pennsylvanians

  • The Story of the Citizens' Map

    Every line on a map, every twist or turn, is there for a reason. Sometimes those are good reasons; sometimes they’re not. Collectively, the lines tell a story of the whole map. Here is the story of the Citizen’s Map.

  • Draw the Lines names 2020-21 competition winners

    Draw the Lines recognized dozens of mappers from our most recent competition, awarding $15,000 in prizes.

  • Rylan Epstein & Grace Bath (Abington Heights HS, Lackawanna County) - Honorable Mention, Eastern Youth

  • Map Corps members give testimony to the LRC

    In August, five Map Corps members testified to the LRC. Watch their testimony here.

  • Roadmap to Transparent Redistricting

    Because of unprecedented attention from Pennsylvania's voters, the Commonwealth's redistricting process must pursue a similar degree of unparalleled transparency and citizen engagement. The Roadmap to Transparent Redistricting offers guidance to the General Assembly and the Legislative Reapportionment Committee to achieve this ambitious goal. It uses lessons from large-scale public engagement initiatives, including the 2019 Pennsylvania Redistricting Reform Commission and three-year long Draw the Lines PA mapping competition.

  • Submit written comments to the LRC

    The Legislative Reapportionment Commission (LRC) wants to hear from you. Its website now contains the ability for Pennsylvanians to provide direct feedback to the commission. This includes both general comments and the ability to upload your own legislative map. Here are some suggestions on comments you can make.

  • Leah Walko & Colin Gressler (Carnegie Mellon, Allegheny County) - Honorable Mention, West Higher Ed

  • DTL testimony to House State Government Committee, July 22, 2021

    Testimony on the Congressional Redistricting Process House State Government Committee - David Thornburgh, President and CEO, Committee of Seventy - July 22, 2021

  • NowThis News meets the Voteswagon

    Draw the Lines was featured by the national media outlet NowThis for our Voteswagon Tour

  • Draw the Lines congratulates Mark Nordenberg on his appointment to chair the LRC

    Yesterday the LRC selected former Pitt chancellor Mark Nordenberg to chair the LRC. We think he is a solid choice.

  • The Great Pennsylvania 2021 Voteswagon Tour

    In April 2021, the Great Voteswagon Tour of Pennsylvania barnstormed the commonwealth. Our famous van stopped in communities across PA to talk about the importance of a fair, transparent redistricting process.

  • The Great Voteswagon Tour of PA

    Here are the latest media highlights of DTL's Voteswagon Tour across PA

  • Public hearings next week for LRC chair

    Tune in to hear from the candidates who have applied to serve as chair of the LRC

  • Wanted: A leader who values transparency, fairness, and independence

    The LRC is seeking its 5th and final member. It is an extremely important position. So Draw the Lines developed a recommended position description.

  • Draw the Lines applauds certification of Legislative Reapportionment Commission

    Our CEO, the son of a Republican governor, and the daughter of a Democratic governor, are teaming up to launch a bipartisan push for the public to be considered for the 5th of the LRC

  • The penultimate DTL competition

    Get the skinny on entering your map to the DTL contest to win $2,000. Deadline: June 1st.

  • Links from our townhall on PA legislative redistricting

    670+ mappers and advocates attended DTL's townhall on legislative redistricting this week. Here are some useful links, and what's next.

  • Sign DTL's petition for open, fair state legislative redistricting

    It’s our chance to lead Pennsylvania towards better voting maps and fairer elections in the PA General Assembly.

  • Maia Model (Concerned Citizens for Democracy) - 1st Place (tie), PA House

    Image Credit: Erik James Montgomery
  • Introducing the Citizen Map Corps

    To take on an entrenched foe, you might need a battalion. Or maybe even an entire corps.

  • Rules for the 2020-2021 Pennsylvania Mapping Competition

    Everything you need to know about how the DTL competition

  • Sara Stroman, Philadelphia

    A Fair Districts volunteer who came to DTL to draw a voting map around school districts.

  • Nathaniel Ropski, Erie

    A Gannon University instructor and admissions counselor who has the unofficial record for most maps produced for DTL competitions.

    Image Credit: Rachel Franklin Photography
  • Logan Ford, Erie

    Logan's internship in State Sen. Dan McLaughlin's office led him to DTL and earn recognition in multiple rounds.

    Logan Ford of Mercyhurst University | Image Credit: Photo by Rutan Productions
  • Isabel Holland, Clarks Summit

    Isabel's first entry to a DTL competition drew our eye because she and a teammate drew a fantastic map despite (because of?) they had differing political views.

  • Susan Wood, Mount Gretna

    Susan led a team of six mappers to create DTL-honored map, and continues to volunteer with Fair Districts PA.

    Image Credit: nick gould photography llc
  • Chris Fowler, State College

    A Penn State geography professor who encouraged his students to draw a map by surveying hundreds of PSU football fans at a tailgate before an Ohio State game.

    Professor Christopher Fowler
  • Lauren Ban of Butler County

    A senior at the University of Pittsburgh who led a Pitt mapping team and has represented DTL at several public events.

  • William Billingsley, Luzerne County

    William is a 4-time DTL winner and student at Wilkes University.

  • Ryan Cedzo, Erie

    A math major at Gannon University, Ryan has used his unique approaches to win two statewide titles with Draw the Lines

  • Athan Biss, Montgomery County

    Dr. Biss, a social studies teacher at The Baldwin School, is not only a statewide competition winner but has also seen a number of his students win DTL honors.

  • Video: DTL mappers turn 'Packing and Cracking' into interactive art

    Chris Satullo

    Rachel Karp and Joseph Amodei

  • Try the 'Democracy Digital Scavenger Hunt'

    Before you dive into redistricting, make sure you understand the basics of democracy in the United States and Pennsylvania.

  • Contest deadline extended until end of summer

    By DTL Staff

    Image Credit: Rachel Franklin Photography
  • Web videos: What is gerrymandering?

    Jason Burke, human geography teacher at Abington Heights High School near Scranton, talks gerrymandering. | Image Credit: Linda Breitstein
  • Join us at the Capitol on March 18 for PA Map Day

    DTL Staff

    David Thornburgh speaks in the Capitol Rotunda during the DTL awards event last September.

    The scene in the PA. State Capitol rotunda during Draw the Lines PA's awards event for citizen mappers in September. | Image Credit: Photo by Rutan Productions
  • Blyden Potts (Cumberland County) - 2nd Place, PA House of Representatives

    Image Credit: Rachel Franklin Photography
  • Team Jasmine, Layla, and Bianca (Cedar Cliff H.S., Cumberland County) - Honorable Mention, West Youth

  • DTL helps Girl Scouts launch a 'fun patch' on elections and civics

    Amy Worden

    A member of Girl Scout Troup 50605 in Lackawanna County shows off the letter she wrote to her congressman on her way to winning a "fun patch." | Image Credit: Corinna Wilson
  • The maps are in; what comes next?

    Chris Satullo

    Students at Harry S Truman High School in Bucks County tackle the Put PA Back Together challenge before trying their hands at their own maps during a Map-a-thon day.
  • 5 great reasons to finish and submit your map, plus instructions on submitting

    Chris Satullo

    Image Credit: Linda Breitstein
  • Draw the Lines earns two national honors

    DTL Staff

    Kat Rosqueta, Executive Director, Center for High Impact Philanthropy
  • Send your map to your legislator

    You've done a map. Now print it and drop it in the mail to your legislator.

    Image Credit: Chris Knight, Lancaster Online
  • Analyzing Polls on Gerrymandering – What do the people think?

    What do people think about this issue?

    Image Credit: Tim Thai, Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Mercyhurst student wins DTL People's Choice award

    DTL Staff

    Logan Ford of Mercyhurst University

    Logan Ford of Mercyhurst University | Image Credit: Photo by Rutan Productions
  • Draw the Lines reveals, hails its statewide winners at Capitol event

    DTL Staff

    The scene in the PA. State Capitol rotunda during Draw the Lines PA's awards event for citizen mappers in September. | Image Credit: Photo by Rutan Productions
  • State Runner-Up, Youth: Jack Rosenthal, Allderdice HS

    The statewide youth runner-up in fall 2018, Jack Rosenthal, received his award from Committee of Seventy CEO David Thornburgh. | Image Credit: Rachel Franklin Photography
  • Commentary: Give the 'Pa. Plan' for redistricting reform a chance

    Chris Satullo

    David Thornburgh of the Committee of Seventy
  • Meet us at the Capitol this Tuesday

    DTL Staff

    Committee of Seventy CEO David Thornburgh speaks at the Feb. 6 Draw the Lines PA awards event.
  • Act 48 training

    Teachers: Need Act 48 hours. Draw the Lines offers free one-hour trainings on our project-based civics and STEM curriculum.

  • Bell Ringer: Important issues that impact my life

    This 5 minute opening activity leads to a short discussion about how gerrymandering prevents action on issues that impact students' lives.

  • Video Analysis - 3-2-1 Notes

    This three-minute video gives students the very basics on gerrymandering.

  • PA Redistricting Reform Commission releases report

    After months of traveling the state hearing testimony from hundreds of Pennsylvanians, here's what they recommend.

  • Intro discussion and videos: Gerrymandering explained

    Grab students attention with an important question. Then introduce redistricting and gerrymandering with one of these short videos.

  • The United States Census

    The census is foundational for representative democracy. Why is it so important to be counted?

  • Make your voice heard

    Whether its on gerrymandering or another issue, this lesson teaches students how to be active citizens.

  • Video: Amanda Holt, Pennsylvania's citizen mapper

    This five-minute video demonstrates the power of one person to make a difference by drawing a map.

  • What if the gerrymander had bit James Madison?

    DTL Staff

    James Madison | Image Credit:
  • Teacher's Tale: Jason Burke of Abington Heights H.S.

    DTL Staff

    Jason Burke in his classroom at Abington Heights High School near Scranton.

    Jason Burke, human geography teacher at Abington Heights High School near Scranton, talks gerrymandering. | Image Credit: Linda Breitstein
  • Video: Roman Catholic High's John Corrigan share the strenghts of DTL lessons

    Teacher John Corrigan of Roman Catholic High School tells a school assembly why he brought the Draw the Lines program to the school. | Image Credit: Linda Breitstein
  • Role playing as political consultant

    Student handout that simply and graphically demonstrates what gerrymandering is and does.

  • Teacher-led discussion: Why redistricting impacts your life

    First, ask students about what political issues do they care about. Then pick one, and as a class trace out why Pennsylvanians aren't getting what they want out of Harrisburg or Washington.

  • Flashes of Insight

    Which values are most important when drawing a map? This popular activity gets students to think about the motivations for why voting districts have their crazy shapes.

  • Review the Dave's Redistricting App User Guide

    The DRA developers have developed an online User Guide to help you draw your map.

  • Connect the Dots teaching materials

    Teacher's guide and student handout leads students through role-playing activity to teach how legislators make districts and courts can overturn them.

  • A guide to valuable resources on gerrymandering

    DTL Staff

    Students can dig deep into the implications of Gerrymandering in our curated list of some of the best online materials.

    Image Credit:
  • What to do to get Act 48 credit

    These are the steps for Pennsylvania teachers who want to get development credit under Act 48 for Draw The Lines Pa work.

  • Exercise uses imagination to demystify gerrymandering

    Takes the intimidation factor out of gerrymandering by making it like finding dragons in clouds overhead. Materials include a teaching guide and student handout with the outline of some of Pennsylvania's most notorious gerrymanders.

  • Understanding the census exercise

    Two-part lesson guides students through the basics of a census, why it is necessary, and whether people feel comfortable participating in it. Includes video resources. Includes reflective writing and group work.

  • Draw a blank map

    Students can start from scratch and draw an original map of PA. Mapping usually takes 3-5 hours, so give your students time.

  • Complete DTL impact survey

    Once students have completed the unit (however far you got is fine), we ask that they complete DTL’s short survey to help us understand the impact this project is having.

  • Homework: Ask someone

    Students can strike up a dialogue with family or friends... what do they know about gerrymandering?

  • Share maps with your legislator

    Students have drawn a map. Now help them share it with their legislators.

  • SCOTUS' call on gerrymandering does not undo or thwart progress that PA has made

    Chris Satullo

    Activists express their views outside the Supreme Court on the day of the hearing. | Image Credit: NBC News
  • What comes next after Map Day

    Chris Satullo

    How the judging of maps and awarding of prizes will unfold.

  • DTL finds a warm welcome in Northeast PA

    Chris Satullo

    Jason Burke, human geography teacher at Abington Heights High School near Scranton, talks gerrymandering. | Image Credit: Linda Breitstein
  • ICYMI: The hits just keep on coming; court tosses the Ohio congressional map

    DTL Staff

    The Ohio State Capitol in Columbus
  • ICYMI: A huge ruling against gerrymandering in Mich.

    DTL staff

    The Michigan State Capitol in Lansing
  • A new contest is coming! 6 great reasons to make your own map

    Chris Satullo

    Indiana County youths start their map on District Builder | Image Credit: Susan Wheatley
  • Delone Catholic students, teachers honored for model engagement

    DTL Staff

    DTL project director Chris Satullo talks redistricting with student mappers from Delone Catholic High School. | Image Credit: Amy Worden
  • PA redistricting panel launches statewide listening tour

    Chris Satullo

    Jordi Comas speaks at Pennsylvania Redistricting Reform Commission meeting in Williamsport, as Commission Chair David Thornburgh takes notes. | Image Credit: Don Henry
  • DTL's spring mapping competition at a glance

    Chris Satullo

    Photo of Draw the Lines mapper
    Draw the Lines mapper experiments with redistricting
  • Philip Hensley, Honorable Mention, Adult-East

    Philip Hensley, a political consultant and lifelong resident of Delaware County, speaks about efforts to end gerrymandering, after getting his award as statewide adult champion. | Image Credit: Rachel Franklin Photography
  • ICYMI: The big N.C. and Md. cases go back to the high court

    Chris Satullo

    Activists express their views outside the Supreme Court on the day of the hearing. | Image Credit: NBC News
  • Episode 1: Dude, Who Stole My Seat? Jason Altmire Hunts Answers

    Jason Altmire was the chief victim of the Pennsylvania’s Great Gerrymander of 2011. In this episode, he explains how he lost a seat in Congress after three terms through diabolically subtle line-drawing, aimed at setting him up to lose his own party’s primary. He also lays out vividly how gerrymandering is causing the slow death of the center in our national politics.

  • Lawmakers praise Roman Catholic High mappers for model engagement

    Chris Satullo

    Roman Catholic High student Colin Long explains how he did his award-winning map as fellow honoree Derek Nguyen looks on | Image Credit: Linda Breitstein
  • Episode 2 — For the Love of Mike: Bryan Miller Fights Back

    Gerrymanders aren’t just wacky lines on a map. By empowering ideologues and special interests, they thwart the commonsense solutions to tough issues that are favored by strong majorities of Americans. Gun violence protection is one such issue. Meet Bryan Miller, whose quest to redeem the murder of his brother Mike led him to big successes in one state capitol, but defeats and frustration in another. The difference between the two buildings, just a hundred miles apart: gerrymandering.

  • Episode 3: From Ratf***ed to Unrigged: David Daley Discovers Hope

    David Daley wrote the book on how gerrymandering undermines democracy. He gave it a profane title and a depressing epilogue tinged with despair about America’s future. He’s got a new book now. In it, he joyfully details how the final chapter of his earlier book is being proved wrong. Let Daley take you on a journey across America to meet the everyday heroes whose savvy, DIY activism is spreading the fire of reform.

  • Episode 4 — Gerrymander Never Knew What Hit It: Ben Geffen Saves America

    OK, we exaggerate somewhat. But Ben Geffen was a key player on the legal team that won the first court case that overturned for good a notorious 2011 gerrymander. Geffen’s tale takes you behind closed doors to learn how a band of determined citizens and public-interest lawyers stunned political insiders. They used a novel legal theory to convince the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to toss out the state’s notorious, “Donald Duck kicks Goofy” congressional map. The new map put in its place then fueled the “blue wave” of the 2018 mid-terms.

  • Episode 5 - From Snowball to Avalanche: Carol Kuniholm Steps Up

    When Carol Kuniholm stood up in a Philadelphia church on frigid evening in January 2017, she didn’t feel she was about to launch a movement. She just felt deep stage fright. Then, she started talking. And, with every word she told that packed sanctuary, the gerrymander got a little less secure in his lair. If you can slay the gerrymander in one of America’s most reform-allergic states, you can do it anywhere. Kuniholm hasn’t finished the quest yet, but she’s not done trying.

  • Episode 6 — And a Child Shall Lead Them: Kyle Hynes Schools His Elders

    There's never been a competition quite like it before. When Draw the Lines PA set out to prove that regular folks could draw election maps better than the political pros, many scoffed. Other shrugged. They hadn’t met Kyle Hynes, a 15-year-old from the place known as Happy Valley, who knows more about the Voting Rights Act than plenty of congresspeople. Hynes won $5,000 for his congressional map of Pennsylvania, one of 318 entered in the biggest public mapping contest in the nation’s history. He’s a walking, talking rebuke to the notion that only expert partisans can draw election maps.

  • Media statewide take note of DTL initiative and its honored mappers

    Chris Satullo

    David Thornburgh, CEO of the Committee of Seventy, speaks at the event.

    Committee of Seventy CEO David Thornburgh speaks at the Feb. 6 Draw the Lines PA awards event.
  • Spring entry deadline extended to May 31

    Chris Satullo

    The extra time will help high school teachers use DTL as a classroom resource.

  • We're roaming PA again, making maps and mischief

    DTL Staff

    We're holding a bunch of events to explain gerrymandering and show you our cool digital mapping tool.

    Poli Sci student Amanda Patino with her Personal PA map. | Image Credit: DTL Staff
  • Why I see gerrymandering as a sin that people of faith should oppose

    Rev. Jarrett Kerbel

    Rev. Jarrett Kerbel is rector of St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church in Philadelphia and a member of DTL's east regional steering committee.
  • Big news from VA: Lawmakers approve independent redistricting commission

    Chris Satullo

    Brian Cannon, executive director, OneVirginia2021 | Image Credit: Community Idea Stations
  • Teacher's Tale: Thomas Baldino, Wilkes University

    Chris Satullo

    Thomas Baldino has been teaching political science and American government for four decades, including 28 years at Wilkes University.

    Image Credit: Rachel Franklin Photography
  • The Superb Six: Hail to our 3 state champion mappers and the 3 runners-up

    Chris Satullo

    State College and Drexel Hill rocked the house in Harrisburg as Draw the Lines named its 2018 champion mappers

  • The Teacher's Tale: Julia Fuhrman, Delone Catholic

    Chris Satullo

    A Catholic school teacher embraces DTL as a lesson in D.I.Y. democracy

    Julia Fuhrman teaches at Delone Catholic H.S. | Image Credit: Hanover Studio of Photography
  • Yes, it's mapping time again, Pennsylvania

    Chris Satullo

    Draw the Lines launches it's second citizen mapping competition.

  • Michael Waxenberg, Honorable Mention, Adult-East

    Michael Waxenberg (upper right) and his family with U.S. Rep. Matt Cartwright (upper left) | Image Credit: Michael Waxenberg
  • Penn State class relied on taco power to finish its winning map

    Chris Satullo

    Professor Christopher Fowler
  • Judging the maps: How we did it

    Chris Satullo

    Justin Villere, DTL's chief of staff, hard at work evaluating maps

    Justin Villere, DTL chief of staff, hard at work evaluating maps
  • ICYMI: Maryland backs citizen mapping as U.S. Supreme Court prepares to hear cases

    Don Henry

    As the Supreme Court becomes more conservative, some fear that key weapons in the fight for fairer districts could be struck down.

  • ICYMI: DTL in the news and the 'empire' strikes back

    Chris Satullo

    In several state capitols, elected officials continue to try to thwart or undo redistricting reforms that voters just approved.

    The Missouri State Capitol in Jefferson City | Image Credit: Associated Press
  • Team Concerned Citizens for Democracy, Concerned Citizens for Democracy, Honorable Mention, Adult-East

  • Jessica Forsell of Doylestown

    Jessica Forsell of Doylestown believes more competition in politics will lead to more responsive government and a more civil public square.

    Jessica Forsell of Doylestown
  • ICYMI: Bipartisan ire foils N.J. Dems' gerrymandering scheme

    Chris Satullo

    A grassroots uprising by both red and blue sources made Trenton power brokers back off a distinctly partisan redistricting "reform."

    The New Jersey Statehouse in Trenton
  • Maps are in; judges now begin weighing which ones are the best

    Chris Satullo

    Image Credit: DTL Staff
  • The Mapper's Tale: Eric Stahl of Washington, D.C.

    Chris Satullo

    When Eric Stahl of Washington, D.C., sat down with DistrictBuilder to create his DTL map, he already knew a bunch about redistricting. But he still faced some surprisingly hard choices as he tried to craft a map that favored the compactness goal.

    Eric Stahl
  • Rules for the PA Congressional Mapping Competition for Spring 2020

    Everything you need to know about how the DTL competition

  • Minimum hardware and software requirements

    Computers or tablets are fine. Modern browsers required.

  • ICYMI: That didn't take long; partisan squabbling over new redistricting panel begins

    Chris Satullo

    Last Wednesday, Gov. Wolf named David Thornburgh, CEO of the Committee of Seventy and leader of Draw the Lines PA, to head a new advisory panel tasked with suggesting redistricting reforms. The commission is already caught in a partisan crossfire, as Republican leaders take aim.

    Photo: David Thornburgh
    David Thornburgh | Image Credit: DTL Staff
  • The Mappers' Tale: The Waxenberg Family of Lords Valley

    Chris Satullo

    Michael Waxenberg of Pike County got really interested in gerrymandering during the Pennsylvania court case last winter. He was the head geek in his family, but when he enlisted his daughters to help do a Draw the Lines map, one of them asked the genius question that showed the Waxenbergs the path to their map.

    Michael Waxenberg (upper right) and his family with U.S. Rep. Matt Cartwright (upper left) | Image Credit: Michael Waxenberg
  • DTL's Thornburgh to head governor's new redistricting reform panel

    Chris Satullo

    David Thornburgh will chair panel on redistricting reform.

    Photo: David Thornburgh
    David Thornburgh | Image Credit: DTL Staff
  • The Mapper's Tale: Rachel Matto of Manheim Township

    Chris Satullo

    Student mapper Rachel Matto worked hard to keep populations equal and avoid county splits on her map, but said that overall it was 'fun and simple.'

    Rachel Matto, student mapper from Lancaster County
  • Maneuvering to undo Clean Missouri reforms has begun

    Chris Satullo

    Missouri lawmakers are already making noises about trying to overturn the will of the voters who overwhelming approved the Clean Missouri reform package at the polls.

    Missouri State Sen. Dave Schatz | Image Credit: The Missouri Times
  • Photos: Saving democracy one pizza at a time

    DTL Staff

    On a miserable, rainy night, 30 people turned out at the Media-Upper Providence Library to learn how to map a new course for legislative districts.

    Image Credit: Linda Breitstein
  • The Mapper's Tale: BJ Ellis of Shillington

    Chris Satullo

    A mapper from Berks County talks about how hard he found it to do the map he wanted without splitting county lines.

    Image Credit: Kevin Patrick Robbins
  • ICYMI: SCOTUS back in the gerrymandering headlines

    Don Henry

    In Maryland an inter-party brawl is developing over the appeal, while racial concerns are at the center of the Virginia case.

  • What the mid-terms meant for reform in PA

    Chris Satullo

    An analysis of how the mid-term election results in Pennsylvania affect the quest to slay the gerrymander.

  • How to host a DTL mapping party

    Chris Satullo

    Here's how to make fixing democracy fun. Draw the Lines offers its guide to hosting a raucous mapping party at your home.

    The Put PA Back Together Challenge engrosses a participant at our State of Young Philly event. | Image Credit: Linda Breitstein
  • Dave Davies of Philadelphia

    A journalist who has spent decades trying to move democracy out of backrooms.

    Photo: Dave Davies shares his story.
    Dave Davies | Image Credit: PWPVideo
  • ICYMI - Barnstorming, quelling a 'blue wave' and Better Boundaries

    Chris Satullo

    A review of the week's news about DTL and the issue of gerrymandering.

    Creed's Seafood and Steaks in King of Prussia, which is part of the legend of gerrymandering in Pennsylvania. | Image Credit:
  • Completing your first map

    You've toured the functionality of DistrictBuilder and know what you have to do. Time to draw a map.

  • Draw a starter map

    Don't have time to do a full map from scratch? Try finishing one that is close to done.

  • Lawrence Husick of Tredyffrin Township

    How did Lawrence Husick's Passover table combine with Ben Franklin's challenge to produce an anti-gerrymandering champion? (Video)

    Photo of Lawrence Husick at a Story Slam in Philadelphia.
    Lawyer Lawrence Husick is a public speaker for Fair Districts PA. | Image Credit: PWPVideo
  • DistrictBuilder Pro Tip Videos

    These short videos will give you a leg up on drawing your congressional map.

  • The Mapper's Tale: Douglas Campbell of Philadelphia

    Chris Satullo

    One of the first Pennsylvanians to finish a map on DistrictBuilder gives a wealth of tips on how to make the tool work for you.

    Douglas Campbell of Philadelphia
  • Lesson 1: Redistricting in the United States

    In this lesson you will: explore how shifts in population determine the way representation is apportioned and explain how voters are apportioned in voting districts.

  • Mark Schweiker of Langhorne

    Mark Schweiker, former governor of Pennsylvania and a Draw the Lines PA committee co-chair, talks about who inspired him to public service and his concerns for democracy.

    Mark Schweiker, former Pennsylvania governor.
    Mark Schweiker, former Pennsylvania governor. | Image Credit: Creative Commons
  • Lesson 2: Redistricting in Pennsylvania

    Students will learn to read and analyze a secondary source on Pennsylvania’s voting lines, think critically about motivations and incentives when legislators draw the maps, simulate the legislative and commission process and map their own.

    Photo of many PA redistricting maps
    Illustration of many redistricting maps
  • Lesson 3: How to Gerrymander a Map

    Students will be able to define “gerrymandering,” examine and analyze the impact of gerrymandering, participate in a simulation to understand how gerrymandering works and influences on politics.

    Illustration for a TED video.
  • ICYMI: DTL barnstorming tour attracts media attention

    The Draw the Lines Team

    The week in media, with coverage of DTL's launch and updates on redistricting reform in Missouri, Michigan and Virginia.

  • ICYMI: The latest on redistricting

    Chris Satullo

    A surprising proposal in Pennsylvania, a legal setback in Missouri and a stubborn effort in Wisconsin top the list.

  • Chris Satullo of Philadelphia

    At least once before he dies, Chris Satullo would like to see democracy in his adopted state work the way his Dad taught him it was supposed to work.

    Chris Satullo served as DTL's project director | Image Credit: Philadelphia Junto
  • Mariam Sayeed of Pittsburgh

    Mariam Sayeed believes voters' choices on who should represent our communities become crucial when it comes to decisions about education, health care and safety. She's begun to understand how these decisions are affected by gerrymandering.

    Mariam Sayeed
    Mariam Sayeed
  • DTL launches with statewide barnstorming tour

    Chris Satullo

    Draw the Lines PA launches this fall with a new website, a new mapping tool and a 20-plus event barnstorming tour of the state.

  • David Thornburgh of Philadelphia

    The leader of Draw the Lines traces its roots to the inspiration he finds in the Jimmy Stewart films he's loved since his youth.

  • Linda Breitstein of Bala Cynwyd

    As a child of Jewish refugees who barely escaped from World War II with their lives, Linda Breitstein grew up witnessing how precious the right to a meaningful vote could be.

  • DTL launches initiative with statewide barnstorming tour

    Chris Satullo

    The statewide civic education and engagement project launches new website and mapping tool, while announcing a 20-plus event tour of the state this fall.

  • The national state of play on redistricting reform

    Chris Satullo

    From coast to coast, from state to state, a grassroots push for election redistricting reform is bearing fruit

  • Jill Family of Camp Hill

    A 1989 Time magazine cover depicting George Washington with a tear running down his cheek, headlined "Is Government Dead?" helped inspire Professor Jill Family to play a leading role in Draw the Lines.

    Dr. Jill Family
  • How to make a 'Slay the Gerrymander' cocktail

    Every good reform initiative deserves a signature cocktail. Meet the 'Slay the Gerrymander.'

  • Independent evaluation of DTL's impact

    An independent evaluation from ImpactED, through the Univ. of Pennsylvania in 2019, found that Draw the Lines has a positive impact in the classroom. We invite you to read the report.

    DTL volunteer Sara Stroman helps students during a mapathon in Bucks County. | Image Credit: Linda Breitstein
  • DTL announces steering committee, chairs

    Chris Satullo

    Prominent Pennsylvanian, from businesses, civic organizations and education, ensure that DTL represents the whole state.

    Mark Schweiker, former Pennsylvania governor.
    Mark Schweiker, former Pennsylvania governor. | Image Credit: Creative Commons
  • Yaasiyn Muhammad of Philadelphia

    Yaasiyn Muhammad hopes that Draw the Lines PA helps create a generation of young people who are more aware of the nuances of state government and are encouraged to push for reform.

    Yaasiyn Muhammad
    Yaasiyn Muhammad
  • Salomon Moreno-Rosa of Philadelphia

    Salomon Moreno-Rosa credits his fifth-grade teacher with inspiring him to recognize the importance of public service.

    Salomon Moreno-Rosa
  • Ruling in N.C. case throws election into confusion

    Chris Satullo

    North Carolina and Pennsylvania are both up there in the listing of "America's worst gerrymanders." Now, North Carolina is following Pennsylvania's example in having its congressional map ruled illegal shortly before an election.

  • Terms of Use

    By using Draw The Lines PA, you are entering into a contract with Committee of Seventy, a non-profit organization in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, headquartered at 123 S. Broad Street. Under that contract, you must abide by the terms outlined in this document.

  • Rachel Colker of Pittsburgh

    Rachel Colker is leading Draw the Lines PA' efforts in western Pennsylvania because she recognizes gerrymandering is at the root of growing political dysfunction.

  • Kathleen Pavelko of New Cumberland

    Kathleen Pavelko joined Draw The Lines PA to be part of the effort to return fairness to a process essential to our democracy.

    Kathleen Pavelko
  • Corinna Wilson of Camp Hill

    Corinna Wilson has been working for decades, as a lawyer and a journalist, to make government more transparent, and is Draw the Lines PA's Central PA Coordinator.

    Corinna Wilson
    Corinna Wilson
  • Myra Gehret Forrest of Gilbertsville

    Dr. Myra Gehret Forrest, a former school district superintendent, believes that the practice of gerrymandering is not just unfair but 'un-American.' She's backing Draw the Lines because she believes education is the key to a solution.

  • Amy Worden of York Springs

    Amy Worden served as an education coordinator for Draw the Lines PA

    Amy Worden served as education coordinator for Draw the Lines PA
  • Paula Duda Holoviak of Sugarloaf

    Paula Duda Holoviak never lost the excitement about grassroots political participation she learned from her father at a young age.

  • Justin Villere of Philadelphia

    Justin Villere is leading Draw the Lines PA to provide Pennsylvanians of all ages the tools to lead us out of the wilderness and towards a more perfect union.

  • Barbara Adams of Philadelphia

    Inspired as a child by JFK, Barbara Adams thinks gerrymandering is a fundamental structural problem in our democracy needing to be fixed.

  • Kitsy McNulty of Pittsburgh

    Kitsy McNulty is working toward reforming redistricting so that people check their partisanship at the door in favor of designing fair representation for all.

    Kitsy McNulty speaks at a DTL event at the Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh. | Image Credit: Rachel Colker
  • Dan Mallinson of Middletown

    As a state politics scholar, Dan has an interest in helping his students understand how the ways in which district lines are drawn shape who has a voice in government, and thus power.

  • Kathleen Doherty of Mechanicsburg

    This educator believes Draw the Lines PA provides an opportunity for lifelong learning about good citizenship.

  • Bob Trumpbour of Duncansville

    Bob Trumpbour's research focuses on how big sports stadiums get built, which has him interested in the political processes involved in that - including how political lines are drawn.

  • Committee of 70 deplores Harrisburg inaction on redistricting

    Chris Satullo

    The Committee of Seventy strongly rebuked Harrisburg lawmakers for their inaction and deceptiveness about the constitutional amendment on redistricting.

  • Privacy Policy

    We at Draw the Lines PA take your privacy seriously. To that end, Draw the Lines PA and its parent organization, Committee of Seventy in Philadelphia, promise we will never sell your personal information, such as your name or email address, to anyone. Ever.

  • A Catholic school teacher embraces DTL

    Chris Satullo

    Julia Fuhrman is an 18-year veteran social studies teacher at Delone.

    Julia Fuhrman teaches at Delone Catholic H.S. | Image Credit: Hanover Studio of Photography
  • Draw the Lines Podcast

    Chris Satullo

    Students will enjoy this engaging podcast's real-world examples of how political gerrymandering hurts representative democracy.

    Chris Satullo, project director at Draw the Lines Pa., shows citizen mappers the basics of District Builder | Image Credit: B) Don Henry (copyright Field)
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  • Amanda Holt's headshot

    Amanda Holt thought legislators would be glad to hear what she had to say.

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    Draw the Lines PA

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  • Make a Difference

  • Dot Matrix Redistricting Game

    A fun and challenging game that teaches the ins and outs of redistricting.

  • Comfortable Barney

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  • Mission Story Slam 2: Saving Democracy

    An evening of story telling about what people do to uphold their sense of how democracy should work. Lawrence Husick won the judges' prize for best story.

  • Event Barney

    Barney is the best dog in the world.

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    Barney loves a good chair in the sun.

  • Barney The Beagle

    Barney is the best beagle in the world. Also softest ears.

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    Dr. Jill Family

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  • Justin Villere

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    Kathleen Pavelko

  • primer stories printer graphic

    Primer Stories graphic illustrating Chris Satullo's "The Line Dance" essay about gerrymandering.

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  • Hometown Portrait instructions

    A blank template with prompts encouraging users to complete a Hometown Portrait for Draw the Lines PA.

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  • Dan Mallinson

    Portrait of Dan Mallinson

  • Pepperoni Pizza

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    Ratf**ked author David Daley

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  • FAQs

  • DTL Team

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  • Sharmain Matlock-Turner

  • Replaced About URL that may be around somewhere

  • Maureen Lally-Green

  • DTL in the News

  • Mark Schweiker

    Mark Schweiker, former Pennsylvania governor.

  • How not to slice a pizza

    Imagine if you sliced a pizza like Pennsylvania was redistricted.

  • Take Away The Keys

  • DIY Democracy

  • Salomon Moreno-Rosa

  • Pa. divisions

    Pa. map divided into three DTL districts.

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  • Bounces traffic sent to a dtl team default page to the actual Evergreen Page.

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    Mariam Sayeed

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    Corinna Wilson

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    Yaasiyn Muhammad

  • Gerrymandering 101

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    This is the best bar name sign in the world.

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  • It's a job interview

  • Data Made Them Do It - Rob Tornoe

  • Algorithm

  • 02 how not slice pizza

  • DIY Democracy

  • 08 child shall lead

  • Harrisburg, we have a problem

    In this cartoon, a paint brush is being used as a broom over a map of Pennsylvania.

  • Take Away The Keys Drawing

  • News & Brews with WITF

    An engaged group of 50 or so central Pennsylvanians learned about gerrymandering and the Draw the Lines project in an event hosted by WITF public Media in Harrisburg.

  • The Path to Redrawing PA’s Districts

    Draw the Lines presented at Gannon University about the solution to gerrymandering and efforts to draw fair and more representative voting districts. The discussion was led by Rachel Colker, Western Regional Coordinator of DTL, and Carol Kuniholm of Fair Districts PA.

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  • David Thornburg

  • David Thornburgh, CEO of the Committee of Seventy

    David Thornburgh of the Committee of Seventy

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  • logo

  • Gerrymandering 101

    Draw the Lines PA joined the Carnegie Library in leading an interactive and informational discussion of gerrymandering. We covered the history of gerrymandering, the state of gerrymandering in Pennsylvania, explained the mission of Draw the Lines, and offered connections to reform efforts.

  • Draw the Lines PA Mapathon

    The DTL team joined Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh to show the engaged audience how DTL works and a test drive to our free mapping tool. Join Draw the Lines to compete regionally and statewide for big prizes!

  • Chris Satullo

    Chris Satullo served as DTL's project director

  • nc map better

  • north carolina congressional districts 113th congress tif

  • campaign for a better government

  • Barbara Adams

  • colker

  • Kitsy McNulty

    Kitsy McNulty speaks at a DTL event at the Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh.

  • paula duda holoviak

  • Redistricting by Citizens

    Amanda Holt, the citizen mapper who challenged the 2011 PA statehouse gerrymander and won, joined with the Draw the Lines PA team to explain how citizens can make a real difference.

    Photo: Activist Amanda Holt helps lead a discussion with citizens about how they can play a part in legislative redistricting.
    Activist Amanda Holt helps lead a discussion with citizens about how they can play a part in legislative redistricting. | Image Credit: Linda Breitstein, DTL.
  • Flashes at Heinz History bar games

  • Eat Pizza. Save Democracy.

    Wilkes students showed off their creative and puzzle-making chops at an event that helped them learn the connection between issues they care about and gerrymandering.

  • Myra Forrest

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  • ben at upenn

  • Maps draw UPenn students on Constitution Day

    Sept. 17 was Constitution Day and Draw the Lines PA honored the nation's founding charter by joining with UPenn professor Ken Stief to talk about how gerrymandering subverts the Framers' vision. We let folks test drive our DistrictBuilder tool and get ready to draw their own maps.

  • thieman frederick march 2016

  • https 2f 2fcdn evbuc com 2fimages 2f48907962 2f220274964306 2f1 2foriginal

    All for All Summit

  • All for All Summit

    Draw the Lines PA joined an interactive gathering on the role of immigrants in entrepreneurship and the local economy. The panels discussed the intersection of immigrant inclusion with local politics, the arts, and more.

    Logo of All for All Summit
    All for All Summit
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  • Connect the dots event

  • David Thornburg and Chris Satullo

    Chris Satullo, project manager of Draw the Lines PA, and David Thornburgh, CEO of the Committee of Seventy.

  • Sharmain Matlock-Turner and PA Gov. Mark Schweiker.

    Sharmain Matlock-Turner co-chairs DTL's Eastern Steering Committee along with former PA Gov. Mark Schweiker.

  • brubaker and not strauss

  • sandy strauss

  • Mike Brubaker co-chairs Draw the Lines PA's Central Region Steering Committee along with the Rev. Sandra Strauss.

    Mike Brubaker co-chairs Draw the Lines PA's Central Region Steering Committee along with the Rev. Sandra Strauss.

  • lalley thei

  • Maureen Lawly-Green co-chairs DTL's Western Steering Committee along with Frederick Thieman.

    Maureen Lawly-Green co-chairs DTL's Western Steering Committee along with Frederick Thieman.

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  • amandaholt sharp

  • Rob Tornoe Child Shall Lead Us cartoon

  • Extra resources

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  • Charlie Brown doesn't kick the football (again.)

  • Rob Tornoe. Art The Court Fixed, Right

  • Bribery

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  • The Five Whys

  • Article II of the US Constitution

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  • Social sharing screen grab.

  • Citizen Story Facebook Sharing Image

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  • dataday2018website

    Data Day 2018

  • Data Day 2018

    Data Day was a family-friendly community fair held at the library. Draw the Lines explored the data in your everyday life, and how you can affect change through that data!

    Logo for Data Day
    Data Day 2018
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