What better way to learn about redistricting than by drawing your own voting map??

Have students go to our Draw a Map page. (The mapping platform works well on computers, laptops, and tablets. It does not work well on phones.) They should refresh what they prioritized in the Flashes of Insight exercise.

Then go to the red “Draw a map” box and click to get started. They will be taken to Dave's Redistricting App. They can sign up for a free account using their email address. This will allow them to access their map at a later point.

Once students have drawn their maps, they will be prompted to complete a mapping narrative explaining their map. These statements can take any format, from a written essay to a video to an audio recording. We encourage creativity.

After completing their maps, have students give a brief overview of their map to the class. They can consider the following questions:

  • What redistricting values did they consider when drawing their map?
  • How did they use these values to help them map their districts?
  • How did they learn about and map parts of the state that they aren’t familiar with?
  • Do they think their map is better than the map adopted by the state in 2011? Do they think it’s better than the map adopted by the State Supreme Court in 2022? Why?