State of Young Philly-Slay the Gerrymander:Bar Games for Democracy

October 13th, 2018
4:00pm - 6:00pm
3440 Market Street - Suite 500
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Young Philadelphians showed that they are ready, willing and able to take over the job of drawing electoral districts from the politicians who have made such a hash of it. Participants at Bar Games for Democracy promised to draw maps and enter them in the Draw the Lines PA competition.

Young Involved Philadelphia (YIP) sponsors State of Young Philly (SOYP), which is a dynamic 10-day event series filled with programming designed to connect young Philadelphians of every background, showcase their positive impact, and amplify their voices. SOYP 2018 brought together nonprofits, government entities, civic leaders, and local businesses to help young Philadelphians identify what civic engagement means to them and the role each individual can play in driving change in their communities.