About Isabel: I am a student at Abington Heights High School in Lackawanna County PA. I am a varsity tennis player, which is how my mapping teammate Julia Poulson-Hauser and I met.  I also play the violin. Creating a map for this contest was a mandatory project in my AP Human Geography class, but submitting it was optional. Having lived in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania, two states with gerrymandering, I was happy to have the opportunity to do something about it.

Tell us about a person who inspired you in the ideals of public service.

Specifically Greta Thunburg is a personal hero of mine as well as a champion public speaker and activist against climate change. As a young person, her story inspires me to take hold of my own voice as well as destiny as a younger generation to shape the future world I and many more to come will call home, including both the physical and political environment.

What lessons or tips have you learned that you’d like to share with other Pennsylvanians?

I want other Pennsylvanians, specifically Pennsylvanians around my age, to stop complaining about problems that are possible to stand up and change. I want them to get involved in the fight against issues that matter to them.

Why are you involved in the Citizen Map Corps?

I am involved because after crafting my map, I discovered and became inspired by the massive community surrounding Draw the Lines and the wonderful, empowered individuals who are actively fighting against gerrymandering. I want to take control of my own vote and actually do something to increase the power of the individual rather than sitting back and taking it.

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Spring 2019 (Statewide Youth 2nd Place)