How to get credit

  • Rylan Epstein & Grace Bath (Abington Heights HS, Lackawanna County) - Honorable Mention, Eastern Youth

  • Teacher's Tale: Jason Burke of Abington Heights H.S.

    DTL Staff

    Jason Burke in his classroom at Abington Heights High School near Scranton.

    Jason Burke, human geography teacher at Abington Heights High School near Scranton, talks gerrymandering. | Image Credit: Linda Breitstein
  • DTL finds a warm welcome in Northeast PA

    Chris Satullo

    Jason Burke, human geography teacher at Abington Heights High School near Scranton, talks gerrymandering. | Image Credit: Linda Breitstein
  • Philip Hensley, Honorable Mention, Adult-East

    Philip Hensley, a political consultant and lifelong resident of Delaware County, speaks about efforts to end gerrymandering, after getting his award as statewide adult champion. | Image Credit: Rachel Franklin Photography
  • Why I see gerrymandering as a sin that people of faith should oppose

    Rev. Jarrett Kerbel

    Rev. Jarrett Kerbel is rector of St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church in Philadelphia and a member of DTL's east regional steering committee.
  • Team Concerned Citizens for Democracy, Concerned Citizens for Democracy, Honorable Mention, Adult-East

  • Jessica Forsell of Doylestown

    Jessica Forsell of Doylestown believes more competition in politics will lead to more responsive government and a more civil public square.

    Jessica Forsell of Doylestown
  • The Mapper's Tale: Eric Stahl of Washington, D.C.

    Chris Satullo

    When Eric Stahl of Washington, D.C., sat down with DistrictBuilder to create his DTL map, he already knew a bunch about redistricting. But he still faced some surprisingly hard choices as he tried to craft a map that favored the compactness goal.

    Eric Stahl
  • ICYMI: That didn't take long; partisan squabbling over new redistricting panel begins

    Chris Satullo

    Last Wednesday, Gov. Wolf named David Thornburgh, CEO of the Committee of Seventy and leader of Draw the Lines PA, to head a new advisory panel tasked with suggesting redistricting reforms. The commission is already caught in a partisan crossfire, as Republican leaders take aim.

    Photo: David Thornburgh
    David Thornburgh | Image Credit: DTL Staff
  • The Mappers' Tale: The Waxenberg Family of Lords Valley

    Chris Satullo

    Michael Waxenberg of Pike County got really interested in gerrymandering during the Pennsylvania court case last winter. He was the head geek in his family, but when he enlisted his daughters to help do a Draw the Lines map, one of them asked the genius question that showed the Waxenbergs the path to their map.

    Michael Waxenberg (upper right) and his family with U.S. Rep. Matt Cartwright (upper left) | Image Credit: Michael Waxenberg
  • What the mid-terms meant for reform in PA

    Chris Satullo

    An analysis of how the mid-term election results in Pennsylvania affect the quest to slay the gerrymander.

  • How to host a DTL mapping party

    Chris Satullo

    Here's how to make fixing democracy fun. Draw the Lines offers its guide to hosting a raucous mapping party at your home.

    The Put PA Back Together Challenge engrosses a participant at our State of Young Philly event. | Image Credit: Linda Breitstein
  • Dave Davies of Philadelphia

    A journalist who has spent decades trying to move democracy out of backrooms.

    Photo: Dave Davies shares his story.
    Dave Davies | Image Credit: PWPVideo
  • The Mapper's Tale: Douglas Campbell of Philadelphia

    Chris Satullo

    One of the first Pennsylvanians to finish a map on DistrictBuilder gives a wealth of tips on how to make the tool work for you.

    Douglas Campbell of Philadelphia
  • Mark Schweiker of Langhorne

    Mark Schweiker, former governor of Pennsylvania and a Draw the Lines PA committee co-chair, talks about who inspired him to public service and his concerns for democracy.

    Mark Schweiker, former Pennsylvania governor.
    Mark Schweiker, former Pennsylvania governor. | Image Credit: Creative Commons
  • ICYMI: DTL barnstorming tour attracts media attention

    The Draw the Lines Team

    The week in media, with coverage of DTL's launch and updates on redistricting reform in Missouri, Michigan and Virginia.

  • ICYMI: The latest on redistricting

    Chris Satullo

    A surprising proposal in Pennsylvania, a legal setback in Missouri and a stubborn effort in Wisconsin top the list.

  • Chris Satullo of Philadelphia

    At least once before he dies, Chris Satullo would like to see democracy in his adopted state work the way his Dad taught him it was supposed to work.

    Chris Satullo served as DTL's project director | Image Credit: Philadelphia Junto
  • David Thornburgh of Philadelphia

    The leader of Draw the Lines traces its roots to the inspiration he finds in the Jimmy Stewart films he's loved since his youth.

  • Linda Breitstein of Bala Cynwyd

    As a child of Jewish refugees who barely escaped from World War II with their lives, Linda Breitstein grew up witnessing how precious the right to a meaningful vote could be.

  • Yaasiyn Muhammad of Philadelphia

    Yaasiyn Muhammad hopes that Draw the Lines PA helps create a generation of young people who are more aware of the nuances of state government and are encouraged to push for reform.

    Yaasiyn Muhammad
    Yaasiyn Muhammad
  • Salomon Moreno-Rosa of Philadelphia

    Salomon Moreno-Rosa credits his fifth-grade teacher with inspiring him to recognize the importance of public service.

    Salomon Moreno-Rosa
  • Myra Gehret Forrest of Gilbertsville

    Dr. Myra Gehret Forrest, a former school district superintendent, believes that the practice of gerrymandering is not just unfair but 'un-American.' She's backing Draw the Lines because she believes education is the key to a solution.

  • Justin Villere of Philadelphia

    Justin Villere is leading Draw the Lines PA to provide Pennsylvanians of all ages the tools to lead us out of the wilderness and towards a more perfect union.

  • Barbara Adams of Philadelphia

    Inspired as a child by JFK, Barbara Adams thinks gerrymandering is a fundamental structural problem in our democracy needing to be fixed.

  • Mission Story Slam 2: Saving Democracy

    An evening of story telling about what people do to uphold their sense of how democracy should work. Lawrence Husick won the judges' prize for best story.

  • Redistricting by Citizens

    Amanda Holt, the citizen mapper who challenged the 2011 PA statehouse gerrymander and won, joined with the Draw the Lines PA team to explain how citizens can make a real difference.

    Photo: Activist Amanda Holt helps lead a discussion with citizens about how they can play a part in legislative redistricting.
    Activist Amanda Holt helps lead a discussion with citizens about how they can play a part in legislative redistricting. | Image Credit: Linda Breitstein, DTL.
  • Eat Pizza. Save Democracy.

    Wilkes students showed off their creative and puzzle-making chops at an event that helped them learn the connection between issues they care about and gerrymandering.

  • Maps draw UPenn students on Constitution Day

    Sept. 17 was Constitution Day and Draw the Lines PA honored the nation's founding charter by joining with UPenn professor Ken Stief to talk about how gerrymandering subverts the Framers' vision. We let folks test drive our DistrictBuilder tool and get ready to draw their own maps.

  • Teacher Happy Hour

    A few southeast PA teachers joined Draw the Lines PA to learn how to take part in the Mapping Competition (where mapmakers can win up to $5,000) and for a happy hour and tutorial on using the free platform and curriculum in their classroom.

  • State of Young Philly-Slay the Gerrymander:Bar Games for Democracy

    An engaged group of young Philadelphians, including some new transplants to the city, joined Draw the Lines PA to learn about how to slay the gerrymander.

  • Slay the Gerrymander: Bar Games for Democracy

    A lively crowd gathered at the Station Tap House to be reassured that the battle to slay the gerrymander is far from over - and to get introduced to a new weapon in the fight, the DistrictBuilder digital mapping tool. And an astonishing time was turned in by a team that pulled off the Put PA Back Together challenge.

  • Eat. Drink. Save Democracy.

    Join Draw the Lines Team, including Chris Satullo, for food, drinks, and friendly competition to #slaythegerrymander! Get ready to use the same mapping tools politicians use to draw election maps in our statewide competition. Learn how you could win up to $5,000 for drawing a map (in 3 different competition categories: High School, College, and Adult). This is a nonpartisan civic engagement effort that welcomes individuals from anywhere along the political spectrum!

  • Fair Districts PA Town Hall

    Before the 2019-20 legislative session, FDPA is convening a Town Hall in Harrisburg to discuss various reforms to how Pennsylvania runs its government, and how to advocate for those reforms in Harrisburg and across PA.

  • Draw the Lines PA Awards Ceremony

    Join Draw the Lines PA as they announce winners of the statewide district mapping content. Prizes up to $4,500 will be awarded.

    Capitol Rotunda, Harrisburg
  • Slay the Gerrymander: Games for Democracy-Mapathon

    Go beyond just talking about election maps. Let's draw some together.

  • The Changing City

    Come for fun games, stay to help fix democracy by starting your own map. You can enter it into our DTL competition to win up to $5,000.

  • Slay the Gerrymander: Games for Democracy-Mapathon

    Over 20 people joined the Draw the Lines Pa team for dinner, games and discussion about how to #slaythegerrymander.

  • Slay the Gerrymander: Games for Democracy

    Residents of Kendal Crosslands want to prove that citizens, of all ages, including senior citizens, are fully capable of drawing election maps.

  • Draw the Lines – Student Meet-up

    Student groups join Draw the Lines to learn how to slay the gerrymander and possibly win up to $5,000.

  • Roman Catholic High School Awards Ceremony

    Draw the Lines is recognizing honors students from Philadelphia's Roman Catholic High School for the work they did drawing congressional maps in Fall 2018.

    Roman Catholic HS regional honoree D'kai Duncan, with Rep. Mary Isaacson and Committee of Seventy President David Thornburgh
  • Save Democracy, Eat Pizza

    Games were played, pizza and beer served and all left knowing more about gerrymandering and election redistricting. And most importantly, everyone left ready to draw their own congressional district map and enter it into the Draw the Lines competition.

  • Election Analytics with UPenn Institute for Urban Research

    An afternoon of election analytics, with Draw the Lines and demographer Jonathan Tannen, founder of Philadelphia election analytics site Sixty-Six Wards.

  • Philadelphia Hearing - PA Redistricting Reform Commission

    Share your feedback with the commission to help them prepare a report for how PA should be drawn. Then visit with Draw the Lines to learn how to draw your map and enter our competition. You can come and go at any time before 7 pm to give your testimony.