Photo of Lawrence Husick at a Story Slam in Philadelphia.
Lawyer Lawrence Husick is a public speaker for Fair Districts PA. | Image Credit: PWPVideo

Photo: Lawrence Kusick speaks at Story Slam

Lawrence Husick speaks at Story Slam in Philadephia.

Lawrence Husick — and his "world's longest attention span" — took the judge's prize at Mission Story Slam 2: Saving Democracy.

It might be easier to explain what lawyer, scholar  and all-around tech nerd  Lawrence Husick  has not done in his career, rather try to ennumerate what he has done: He has not given up on representative democracy in the United States.

Alarmed by the results of the 2016 election, Husick began working to make people understand the caustic effects of gerrymandering on elections.  He has driven thousands of miles around the state to speak on behalf of  Fair Districts PA, exhorting citizens to retake their authority from a system that has allowed politicians to select their voters, rather than the other way around.

And, in a way, it all stems from his family's Passover table. Just watch the video.