Why does gerrymandering bother you?

Gerrymandering bothers me because it is one of the most comically and chronically obvious forms of political corruption that we still have in America. Once a gerrymander has been established, what incentive does the party in power have to ever rebalance the scales? Gerrymandering also bothers me because of the Supreme Court's continuous refusal to finally adjudicate on the matter once and for all. The dereliction of their duties on such a consistent basis is a shameful one that has grave implications for the future.

Why are you involved in the Citizen Map Corps?

I'm involved in the Citizen Map Corps because Harrisburg has set the bar so laughably low for maps that even an outsider like me can draw far better maps— with no prior experience! Let's dispense with the blatant gerrymandering, thanks.

What lessons or tips have you learned that you’d like to share with other Pennsylvanians?

Don't settle for mediocre maps. We deserve better.

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