Logan Ford of Mercyhurst University | Image Credit: Photo by Rutan Productions

About Logan: I am a recent graduate of Mercyhurst University. As a life-long Pennsylvanian and student of political science, I wanted to make a map that is more compact and  split fewer counties than the current map. My hope is that the next congressional map fosters more party cooperation and fosters policy that is more reflective of the state and the individual communities that make it up.

What other political/social/societal issues matter to you that are impacted by gerrymandering?

The biggest issue that I feel is impacted by gerrymandering is the loss of voter efficacy. Fair, balanced, and secure elections are fundamental to a healthy Republic. By disenfranchising voters, gerrymandering threatens the democratic process and negatively influences any issue or debate that follows.

Why are you involved in the Citizen Map Corps?

I have been drawing maps and entering DTL competitions for a couple years, and I've won a couple of times! Participating in the Citizen Map Corps seems to be the next logical step for me.

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Fall 2018 (Western region Higher Ed 2nd Place)

Spring 2019 (Statewide Higher Ed State Champion)