Extension Activities

  • Try the 'Democracy Digital Scavenger Hunt'

    Before you dive into redistricting, make sure you understand the basics of democracy in the United States and Pennsylvania.

  • Send your map to your legislator

    You've done a map. Now print it and drop it in the mail to your legislator.

    Image Credit: Chris Knight, Lancaster Online
  • Analyzing Polls on Gerrymandering – What do the people think?

    What do people think about this issue?

    Image Credit: Tim Thai, Philadelphia Inquirer
  • The United States Census

    The census is foundational for representative democracy. Why is it so important to be counted?

  • Make your voice heard

    Whether its on gerrymandering or another issue, this lesson teaches students how to be active citizens.

  • A guide to valuable resources on gerrymandering

    DTL Staff

    Students can dig deep into the implications of Gerrymandering in our curated list of some of the best online materials.

    Image Credit: Slate.com
  • Draw the Lines Podcast

    Chris Satullo

    Students will enjoy this engaging podcast's real-world examples of how political gerrymandering hurts representative democracy.

    Chris Satullo, project director at Draw the Lines Pa., shows citizen mappers the basics of District Builder | Image Credit: B) Don Henry (copyright Field)