How to draw a map

Students will be able to...

Work with an online mapping tool to create their own congressional maps and enter into a contest to win up to $5,000.

In order to...

Understand how to draw a congressional map that represents values that are important to students.

Time commitment


PA Standards Met

5.2.(class).B. - Resolving conflicts

5.2.(class).D. - Citizen’s role in political process

7.2. - Physical characteristics of places and regions

7.3. - Human characteristics of places and regions

15.4.12.B. - Behavior of digital citizenship

15.4.8.D. - Projects using emerging input technologies

  • Review the Draw the Lines competition rules

    All finished maps are eligible for the Draw the Lines mapping competition, to win the $5,000 grand prize or many smaller awards.

  • View mapping demos

    There are two ways to get oriented to the DistrictBuilder mapping tool: a written User Guide, and an instructional video.

  • Option A: Finish a nearly completed starter map

    The quicker way to complete a map. Start with a nearly complete template, and as a class or individually, students can complete PA's final few districts.

  • Option B: Draw maps as individuals or small groups

    Students can start from scratch and draw an original map of PA. Mapping usually takes 3-5 hours, so give your students time.

  • Share maps with your legislator

    Students have drawn a map. Now help them share it with their legislators.

  • Complete DTL impact survey

    Once students have completed the unit (however far you got is fine), we ask that they complete DTL’s short survey to help us understand the impact this project is having.