How to draw a map

Students will be able to...

Work with an online mapping tool to create their own congressional maps and enter into a contest to win up to $5,000.

In order to...

Understand how to draw a congressional map that represents values that are important to students.

Time commitment


PA Standards Met

5.2.(class).B. - Resolving conflicts

5.2.(class).D. - Citizen’s role in political process

7.2. - Physical characteristics of places and regions

7.3. - Human characteristics of places and regions

15.4.12.B. - Behavior of digital citizenship

15.4.8.D. - Projects using emerging input technologies

  • Review the Draw the Lines competition rules

    All finished maps are eligible for the Draw the Lines mapping competition, to win the $5,000 grand prize or many smaller awards.

  • View mapping demos

    There are two ways to get oriented to the DistrictBuilder mapping tool: a written User Guide, and an instructional video.

  • Option A: Finish a nearly completed starter map

    The quicker way to complete a map. Start with a nearly complete template, and as a class or individually, students can complete PA's final few districts.

  • Option B: Draw a blank map

    Students can start from scratch and draw an original map of PA. Mapping usually takes 3-5 hours, so give your students time.

  • Share maps with your legislator

    Students have drawn a map. Now help them share it with their legislators.