What is gerrymandering?

Students will be able to ...

- Identify key components of gerrymandering, including redistricting, cracking, and packing.
- View, listen, and discuss the issues involved with gerrymandering.
- Analyze the impact of gerrymandering on the value of one person’s vote.

In order to ...

- Understand the ramifications of gerrymandering on representation and the legislative process in the U.S. government.

Time commitment

One class period (about 45 minutes)

PA Standards Met

5.2.(class).C. - Political leadership and public service

5.2.(class).D. - Citizen’s role in political process

5.3.(class).E. - Different processes for state, federal elections

  • Intro discussion and videos: Gerrymandering explained

    Grab students attention with an important question. Then introduce redistricting and gerrymandering with one of these short videos.

  • Role playing as political consultant

    Student handout that simply and graphically demonstrates what gerrymandering is and does.

  • Homework: Ask someone

    Students can strike up a dialogue with family or friends... what do they know about gerrymandering?