Andrew Woan (Penn State Univ.) - Honorable Mention, Western Higher Ed

About Andrew: Student at University Park, Penn State. I love creating things. Anything. There isn't a single art I dislike. (Maybe art history). I also love having fun even with things that are meant to be taken seriously. Fun is what makes time interesting. Make the best of everything.

Judges' Statement

Andrew yet again caught our eye as a returning honoree. He set a new DTL record, becoming the first mapper to ever create 17-out-of-17 competitive districts. He openly acknowledges that this snake map would never be implemented for real, but this creative "piece of art," is a demonstration of what would happen if you only strove for that single metric, at the expense of everything else. It really explains in state like PA why it's so difficult to get to competitive districts across the board.

Personal Statement

1,000 hours. Sweat. Blood. Tears. What do those things have to do with this? Nothing, I just wanted a dramatic start.

As noted in my previous personal statements. I focused on competitive districts. I've always chosen to focus on competitive districts as I felt it was the most important out of all the other criteria. Therefore I created the map that I promised, "Even More Snakes" with 17 competitive districts. It is, indeed, the most chaotic map I have created so far. But I find it very beautiful and an intricate piece of art. I'm sure Picasso would be jealous.

I had a lot of fun making this map and it really tested my abilities as a mapper. It was entertaining looking at my map as it got weirder and weirder as I progressed. However, my goal was always in my sight no matter the distraction: 17 competitive districts.

I have completed my goal so I believe this will be the last time I submit into Draw The Lines. Therefore, I wanted to note a brief thank you to the extremely friendly staff at Draw The Lines. My entire experience was fun and exciting.

It's a bittersweet end, but I am smiling because it happened, not because it's past (stolen famous quote btw). Draw The Lines serves a great purpose for Pennsylvanians and I look forward to supporting it in the future. Good luck and stay safe! I wish you all the best!