Dr. Myra Gehret Forrest chairs the Board of Directors of the Pottstown Area Health and Wellness Foundation.

Q. Tell us about a person who guided or inspired you in the ideals of public service.

The person that inspired me to become involved with public service was my maternal grandfather, Gordon Garling. He lived in Folsom, a small town in Delaware County, PA. He was on the Ridley School Board, was the tax collector for the township, and was fully engaged in the political landscape of the county. I was always interested in politics, was engaged in student government throughout high school and college, and served as president of the Northern Chester County Young Republicans after I graduated from college. My politics and political beliefs have changed greatly over the years, but the training that I received after college was great experience for my future endeavors.

Q. What's one thing that worries you about how democracy is working?

I am very concerned about the state of our Republic in 2018.

The lies that are told by our politicians on a daily basis and the claim of “fake news” cuts down the confidence that many of us have in our government. The influence that the Russians had on our last presidential election, and continue to have, is overwhelmingly egregious. I am concerned for the future of our democratic ideals and way of life.

Q. Why did you decide to get involved in Draw the Lines PA?

I decided to get involved with Draw The Lines PA because I believe that the practice of gerrymandering is extremely detrimental to our electoral process. The fact that lines can be rearranged to assist the election of the party in power is totally un-American as well as extremely unfair. Gerrymandering is a dangerous and undemocratic practice; “drawing the lines” should be a non-partisan process.

Q. Tell us one thing you hope Draw the Lines PA accomplishes.

As a former school district superintendent, the main thing I hope that Draw The Lines PA accomplishes is for people to become educated about the topic of gerrymandering and have an awareness of what is is, how it works, and the problems it causes. Educating our PA citizens is a crucial job for Draw The Lines PA. Hopefully, additional citizens will become engaged with Draw The Lines PA and pass on this knowledge to as many other people as possible.