Bella Bach (Drexel Univ., Northumberland County) - Honorable Mention, West Higher Ed

About Bella: I'm from Northumberland County, PA, currently living in Philadelphia for college! I'm a rising sophomore at Drexel University with a double major in Art History and Criminology & Justice Studies with a concentration in Criminal Justice and I plan to either seek high education in museum archiving or enter law school.

Judges' Statement

Her personal statement was short and to the point; she did a wonderful job on minimizing population deviation and county splits, giving her enough to earn an honorable mention in the western region, as a native of Northumberland County. Nice work, Bella!

Personal Statement 

In my redistricting map, I chose to solely base district off of population regardless of other factors. In doing so, there will be no political objective to sectioning the state and skewing the answers one way or the other. I started by using the counties tool in broad sweeps, and then going and making more specific divisions in the blockgroups, and then repeating the process with individual blocks once that was done. A challenge I faced was finding a fair balance between the county tool and the blockgroups, since it seemed to completely tip the scales depending on which group was chosen due to the population there. Eventually I figured out to use different blocks with different populations to balance it out, which solved the problem and turned out well!