Citizen Stories

 democracy happens one person at a time

Each person‘s story is worth telling. We share stories about the efforts, struggles and successes of people who step up to make democracy work better — in their community, their state, their nation. That work can get lonely. It‘s good to have a gathering place to pick up tips, offer support and get inspired.

  • Sara Stroman, Philadelphia

    A Fair Districts volunteer who came to DTL to draw a voting map around school districts.

  • Why I see gerrymandering as a sin that people of faith should oppose

    Rev. Jarrett Kerbel

    Rev. Jarrett Kerbel is rector of St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church in Philadelphia and a member of DTL's east regional steering committee.
  • Jessica Forsell of Doylestown

    Jessica Forsell of Doylestown believes more competition in politics will lead to more responsive government and a more civil public square.

    Jessica Forsell of Doylestown
  • Dave Davies of Philadelphia

    A journalist who has spent decades trying to move democracy out of backrooms.

    Photo: Dave Davies shares his story.
    Dave Davies | Image Credit: PWPVideo
  • Lawrence Husick of Tredyffrin Township

    How did Lawrence Husick's Passover table combine with Ben Franklin's challenge to produce an anti-gerrymandering champion? (Video)

    Photo of Lawrence Husick at a Story Slam in Philadelphia.
    Lawyer Lawrence Husick is a public speaker for Fair Districts PA. | Image Credit: PWPVideo
  • Chris Satullo of Philadelphia

    At least once before he dies, Chris Satullo would like to see democracy in his adopted state work the way his Dad taught him it was supposed to work.

    Chris Satullo served as DTL's project director | Image Credit: Philadelphia Junto
  • Mariam Sayeed of Pittsburgh

    Mariam Sayeed believes voters' choices on who should represent our communities become crucial when it comes to decisions about education, health care and safety. She's begun to understand how these decisions are affected by gerrymandering.

    Mariam Sayeed
    Mariam Sayeed
  • David Thornburgh of Philadelphia

    The leader of Draw the Lines traces its roots to the inspiration he finds in the Jimmy Stewart films he's loved since his youth.

  • Linda Breitstein of Bala Cynwyd

    As a child of Jewish refugees who barely escaped from World War II with their lives, Linda Breitstein grew up witnessing how precious the right to a meaningful vote could be.

  • Jill Family of Camp Hill

    A 1989 Time magazine cover depicting George Washington with a tear running down his cheek, headlined "Is Government Dead?" helped inspire Professor Jill Family to play a leading role in Draw the Lines.

    Dr. Jill Family
  • Yaasiyn Muhammad of Philadelphia

    Yaasiyn Muhammad hopes that Draw the Lines PA helps create a generation of young people who are more aware of the nuances of state government and are encouraged to push for reform.

    Yaasiyn Muhammad
    Yaasiyn Muhammad
  • Salomon Moreno-Rosa of Philadelphia

    Salomon Moreno-Rosa credits his fifth-grade teacher with inspiring him to recognize the importance of public service.

    Salomon Moreno-Rosa
  • Rachel Colker of Pittsburgh

    Rachel Colker is leading Draw the Lines PA' efforts in western Pennsylvania because she recognizes gerrymandering is at the root of growing political dysfunction.

  • Kathleen Pavelko of New Cumberland

    Kathleen Pavelko joined Draw The Lines PA to be part of the effort to return fairness to a process essential to our democracy.

    Kathleen Pavelko
  • Corinna Wilson of Camp Hill

    Corinna Wilson has been working for decades, as a lawyer and a journalist, to make government more transparent, and is Draw the Lines PA's Central PA Coordinator.

    Corinna Wilson
    Corinna Wilson
  • Myra Gehret Forrest of Gilbertsville

    Dr. Myra Gehret Forrest, a former school district superintendent, believes that the practice of gerrymandering is not just unfair but 'un-American.' She's backing Draw the Lines because she believes education is the key to a solution.

  • Amy Worden of York Springs

    Amy Worden served as an education coordinator for Draw the Lines PA

    Amy Worden served as education coordinator for Draw the Lines PA
  • Paula Duda Holoviak of Sugarloaf

    Paula Duda Holoviak never lost the excitement about grassroots political participation she learned from her father at a young age.

  • Justin Villere of Philadelphia

    Justin Villere is leading Draw the Lines PA to provide Pennsylvanians of all ages the tools to lead us out of the wilderness and towards a more perfect union.

  • Barbara Adams of Philadelphia

    Inspired as a child by JFK, Barbara Adams thinks gerrymandering is a fundamental structural problem in our democracy needing to be fixed.

  • Kitsy McNulty of Pittsburgh

    Kitsy McNulty is working toward reforming redistricting so that people check their partisanship at the door in favor of designing fair representation for all.

    Kitsy McNulty speaks at a DTL event at the Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh. | Image Credit: Rachel Colker
  • Dan Mallinson of Middletown

    As a state politics scholar, Dan has an interest in helping his students understand how the ways in which district lines are drawn shape who has a voice in government, and thus power.

  • Kathleen Doherty of Mechanicsburg

    This educator believes Draw the Lines PA provides an opportunity for lifelong learning about good citizenship.

  • Bob Trumpbour of Duncansville

    Bob Trumpbour's research focuses on how big sports stadiums get built, which has him interested in the political processes involved in that - including how political lines are drawn.