Photo: Stock photo of handshake.

Back in the day, deals often got done without mounds of signed documents. Mutual trust took the form of a firm handshake.

That is essentially what happens when you visit Draw the Lines PA. You are trusting us to provide useful and important tools and information and to treat your personal information carefully. We, in turn, are trusting you to not behave badly. 

It’s all right here in our our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We know you probably won’t read those, but we want you to know that we take them very seriously. We trust you’ll the same. Here are the key points:

We won’t steal from you, and you won’t steal from us. Specifically, you won’t take our stuff and use it to make money or advance your political causes. Likewise, we won’t steal your stuff to make money or advance political causes. Understand, though, that when you use our tools to post anything you create (like maps), you are giving us wide permission to use that content in any of our publications or activities, and you are trusting we won’t misuse it.

We won’t tolerate hateful, unlawful, bigoted or hurtful content on our services. And you are trusting our sole judgment to identify and remove any such content and to show its authors the door.

We promise that we are not — and will never become — a tool of partisan politics. We are dedicated to giving all people in Pennsylvania a voice in removing what we consider to be a cancer on representative democracy: gerrymandering. Simply put, kowtowing to any one party would invalidate our own work. We have no intention of doing that.

When you choose to share any personal information, such as your email address or phone number, we promise to never share it outside DTL or the Committee of Seventy without your express permission. Frankly, we can’t foresee a time we would share it at all. Further, anyone who comes into contact with this information will treat it with the respect it deserves. At the same time, we want to make sure you know that perfect cyber-security is impossible.

Guess what, you just read your first Terms of Service — sort of.  It wasn’t that bad, huh? Now you can move on to one of the more interesting things on our site, like Gerrymandering 101 or Draw a map