Delone Catholic students, teachers honored for model engagement

DTL Staff| April 30th, 2019

DTL project director Chris Satullo talks redistricting with student mappers from Delone Catholic High School. | Image Credit: Amy Worden

Draw the Lines visited one of its favorite places recently - Delone Catholic High School in McSherrystown in Adams County, one of the hotbeds of student mapping in our fall competition.

Ten students who reached at least semifinalist status in our judging of the Youth division received certificates marking the accomplishment.

Three of them AKA Team OOP - consisting of Olivia Hartraub, Olivia Dorsey and Peyton Golowski - rose even higher in the contest, winning an honorable mention from the judges for the creative video they produced to explain the thinking that went into their map.

Also, teachers Julia Fuhrman and John Fournier of the Diocese of Harrisburg school's social studies department received a certificate and a $500 check in honor of the exemplary student engagement they've fostered at Delone.

DTL director Chris Satullo and central region education outreach coordinator Amy Worden talked with the students about what they learned by taking part - which, thanks to Fuhrman's and Fournie's deft guidance - seemed to be an awful lot.

The DTL staffers also learned an ironic fact:  Because Delone sits so close to the state border, some of its students - including some honored mappers - actually live in Maryland.

Which means the Delone students who took part in DTL include some who come from the state with the worst Democrat gerrymander from 2011, along with the Pennsylvanians who live in a state that until last year had a blatant pro-GOP congressional gerrymander.

Talk about bipartisan balance.