About Rachel Harter: I am an upcoming high school senior at Greater Latrobe High School. My passions include cross-country, indoor track and field, outdoor track and field, piano and reading. I hope to major in biochemistry or microbiology and someday attend medical school. 

Judges' statement

Rachel pulled together a map that had extremely strong metrics on the goals she was stressing. Her personal statement was clear and concise. The way she kept districts in Southwestern Pennsylvania compact was impressive, given how many mappers struggle with that corner of the state.

Rachel's 1

Personal statement

I focused primarily on competitive elections, compactness and contiguity. Competitive elections allow fair representation of both Democrats and Republicans. Compactness keeps similar groups within the same districts and localizes voting results. Finally, contiguity reduces gerrymandering and keeps like-minded individuals together, so if they are in majority, they can influence electoral results. Thus, to build an effective map, I incorporated competitiveness, compactness, and contiguity.