Yaasiyn Muhammad
Yaasiyn Muhammad

Yaasiyn Muhammad is a Social Studies Curriculum Specialist for the School District of Philadelphia.

Q. Tell us about a person who inspired you in the ideals of public service.

David P. Richardson, the late lawmaker from Northwest Philadelphia, is a figure who set an example for me as a child. Being from the Germantown section of the city, I saw his name and deeds as exemplary of what it meant to engage in civic life through social activism and political activity.  

Q. What’s one thing that really worries you about how democracy is working?

I am extremely concerned about the amount of money in politics and the ways in which today's politicians seem to be disregarding the will of the people in favor of the will of corporations.

Q. Why did you decide to get involved in Draw the Lines PA?

Draw the Lines PA is a fantastic educational tool. It has the ability to pull students into the obscure public policy debate about redistricting across our nation.

It highlights that our Constitution and its framers could not completely address all of the issues that arose as a result of the system that they installed.  

Q. What’s one thing you hope DTL accomplishes?

I hope that Draw the Lines PA manages to create a generation of young people who are much more aware of the nuances of state government and who are encouraged to join the activists who are currently pushing for changes to be made to the redistricting process.

Yaasiyn Muhammad is a member of the Eastern Steering Committee of Draw the Lines PA.