About Douglas Cummings: I am originally from Brodheadsville, PA.  I am now a first-year student at Gettysburg College, where I will be majoring in mathematics.  I'm also a member of the Gettysburg College football team.

Judges' Statement

Douglas Cummings’ map had a strong technical score for his state goals. Compactness was a particularly well-executed characteristic. His compactness score was tops in the division. The entry, unfortunately, lacked strong group involvement.

Personal Statement

For this map, my personal goal was to make it as compact as possible while maintaining competitiveness in  a good amount of districts.  The tools I used to do this were formed in my Mathematics of Voting class at Gettysburg College.  With  a compactness score of 43.3% and 8 competitive districts, I feel that this map portrays my goal in a way that would be effective in elections.