Citizen Map Corps

The Citizen Map Corps will lead DTL’s statewide effort in 2021. Members will use events, media, essays, videos, and social posts to tell their stories about why they are fighting to Slay the Gerrymander. Interested in getting involved? Contact us at

  • Introducing the Citizen Map Corps

    To take on an entrenched foe, you might need a battalion. Or maybe even an entire corps.

  • Sara Stroman, Philadelphia

    A Fair Districts volunteer who came to DTL to draw a voting map around school districts.

  • Nathaniel Ropski, Erie

    A Gannon University instructor and admissions counselor who has the unofficial record for most maps produced for DTL competitions.

    Image Credit: Rachel Franklin Photography
  • Logan Ford, Erie

    Logan's internship in State Sen. Dan McLaughlin's office led him to DTL and earn recognition in multiple rounds.

    Logan Ford of Mercyhurst University | Image Credit: Photo by Rutan Productions
  • Isabel Holland, Clarks Summit

    Isabel's first entry to a DTL competition drew our eye because she and a teammate drew a fantastic map despite (because of?) they had differing political views.

  • Susan Wood, Mount Gretna

    Susan led a team of six mappers to create DTL-honored map, and continues to volunteer with Fair Districts PA.

    Image Credit: nick gould photography llc
  • Chris Fowler, State College

    A Penn State geography professor who encouraged his students to draw a map by surveying hundreds of PSU football fans at a tailgate before an Ohio State game.

    Professor Christopher Fowler
  • Lauren Ban, Butler

    A senior at the University of Pittsburgh who led a Pitt mapping team and has represented DTL at several public events.

  • William Billingsley, Luzerne County

    William is a 4-time DTL winner and student at Wilkes University.

  • Ryan Cedzo, Erie

    A math major at Gannon University, Ryan has used his unique approaches to win two statewide titles with Draw the Lines

  • Athan Biss, Montgomery County

    Dr. Biss, a social studies teacher at The Baldwin School, is not only a statewide competition winner but has also seen a number of his students win DTL honors.