Ellery Schlorff (Great Valley H.S., Chester County) - Honorable Mention, East Youth

About Ellery: I am currently a junior at Great Valley High School. I play soccer and I'm quite interested in music, mainly guitar and flute.

Judges' statement

Ellery had one of the lowest county split scores in the division, with only 38, to go along with fine compactness and population equivalence scores. She wrote a thoughtful essay, but what really impressed judges were the four endorsements she garnered. 

Endorsements: 4

Personal statement

The map I have drawn focuses most on contiguity and equal population within each district. First, I have chosen contiguity as one of the most important things I value in a congressional districts map  because visually, it appears very upfront. Though it is unfortunate, much of the general public is uninformed about how gerrymandering is done for political gain.  But generally, compact and contiguous district shapes without narrow strips of land in weird places or 'chameleon' districts appear more fair to the average citizen looking at a map. This implied fairness and making each individual member of districts feel represented equally is what I think is a true picture of American democracy which we pride ourselves on and consider to be a major part of out national identity. Furthermore, equality of population in each district was also something I felt should be considered as a defining factor because it further brings a home the idea of an equal voice for each citizen in a state.