Team '17 Districts Going on 18,' Honorable Mention, Youth-East

About Colin Long (above): I am 16 years old, and I am from Glenside, Montgomery County. I have lived in Glenside since I was born. I attend Roman Catholic High School in Philadelphia, and attended St. Luke's Catholic School in Glenside. I am involved in many clubs and sports including: Mock Trial, newspaper, Students Against Destructive Decisions, tennis, and golf. 


About Matthew Dumagco (right): I am 17 years old and greatly interested in politics. I was born in the Philippines, but I moved and now my hometown is Philadelphia. I am a honors student at Roman Catholic High School. I try to be well-rounded, so I am involved in many things in and out of school such as mock trial, altar serving, volleyball, skiing, judo, chess club, and the world affairs club. A fun fact about me is that I rung the Liberty Bell In a special ceremony when I became a U.S. citizen.


Judges' Statement

This team offered a rational clear, statement and was successful at meeting their goals, primarily a high degree of competitiveness and a very strong result on population equivalence.

Equivalence and Competitiveness

Endorsements: 1

Personal Essay

First, making this map was tons of fun and taught us a lot about the importance of districts. The site is a useful tool that we hope to use again.

The inception of this map was based on this view: Competitiveness is crucial to having fair,  balanced elections to accurately reflect the areas and voters of Pennsylvania.

Competitiveness was our principal focus. It was a bit tricky around heavily Democratic areas such as Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, so we had to work through and around them.

As we were working on competitiveness, we also kept in mind the secondary point we prioritized, population equivalence. Having an equal number of people in each district is a very important factor to ensure fair elections and representation.

Our tertiary focus point was compactness. The difficult part was that clearly parts of Pennsylvania are sparsely populated whereas others are quite dense. The lines weren't always as clear and finely cut due to this, which is why it's not the prettiest map, but it's a map that worked out for us.

All in all, Draw the Lines was one of the most interactive yet fun activities we have done. We are truly grateful for the opportunity to have a say in the government and hope for the best.  

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