We want drawthelinespa.org to be a gathering spot, a clubhouse of sorts, for people who are interested in fostering better democracy and stronger community.

Sometimes, we know, that work can seem a heavy, frustrating lift. Think of drawthelinespa.org as a place to meet, learn from, be inspired and supported by other people who share your love for democracy and your intention to leave this place better than you found it.

One of our main vehicles for that kind of sharing is what we call the Citizen Story.

Citizen Stories can come in many forms. You can write your own, or make a video, or record it on audio. Or you can ask us to help you craft it — as a Q-and-A, or as a story that we write based on interviewing you. Here's where we are collecting the great stories we've heard so far.

Inspired? We want you to share your Citizen Story.  Maybe you want to nominate someone to share theirs? You can nominate them here