Photo: Richard Frey tells his citizen story.
Richard Frey

 Who inspired your ideals of public service?

My father , Alexander H.Frey, was a founder and president of Pennsylania ACLU.  His ideals fuel mine.

What problem in our democracy really bothers you now?


What are you doing/have you done about it?

I sign petitions, work on phone banks, yack at all I meet.

What changes do you want to see and how would they help?

New Democratic representatives, senators, president.

What challenges have you faced and how did you deal with them?

I was jailed 13 times in 1960s for civil rights activism in Mississippi. I survived to help pass the voting rights law.

What tips would you share with other people committed to these ideals?

Keep on keeping on, no matter what.

In you own words:

Let's make our elections fair, and the rules transparent.