We’re in the market for a few good geeks.

If you love maps and are the type of person who easily masters software, you might want to consider becoming a DTL Digital Sherpa.

This covers two distinct roles for helping others get where they are trying to go on the DistrictBuilder platform. Digital Sherpas can play just one role or both:

1) Help moderate the DistrictBuilder Map Tool User Forum. Post useful tips and tricks. Help us respond to the questions and quandaries presented by other users.

2) Be a mapping group’s assigned guide. We’re trying to invite people of all ages to experience map-making. And, hey, just being honest here: Sometimes folks who were born before the digital revolution began sometimes need a a guide by the side to help them navigate a platform as involved as DistrictBuilder is. If you have the patience for and would get a kick out of helping, say, a team from an over-55 retirement community complete and enter their map, we’d love to hear from you.

Just fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you. And thank you for being a generous geek.