About Nicholas Saylor:  I am 17 years old  and live in Whitehall. I entered the contest as an extra credit project for an AP Government class and put many  into my map. The aim of the map was to highlight various goals such as communities of importance and compactness in order to make logical and rational districts that would be reasonable to someone who has no clue about districting.


Judges' Statement

Good essay. His map had good numbers across the board. He had the best compactness score.

Personal Essay

The goals of this district map was to give each unique community in Pennsylvania a district while making sure that each district has the same amount of people as closely as possible. I tried to make the districts are regularly shaped as possible to avoid odd, jagged district lines that would lead to confusion or the idea that the map was gerrymandered. Edits were made to adjust for slightly more competitive districts, but this was not the main goal of the map. With this map, I hope to represent each community equally with clear, defined line.