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Draw the Lines PA is a statewide civic education and engagement initiative for Pennsylvanians to draw election maps.  It is led by three regional steering committees, which work with DTL‘s parent organization, the Committee of Seventy.  Seventy is a Philadelphia-based good-government group.

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  • Meet the members of the Draw the Lines PA team

    Young, old or somewhere in the middle, they're united by a passion to foster democratic engagement.

  • Independent evaluation of DTL's impact

    An independent evaluation from ImpactEd, through the University of Pennsylvania, found that Draw the Lines has a positive impact in the classroom. We invite you to read the report.

    DTL volunteer Sara Stroman helps students during a mapathon in Bucks County. | Image Credit: Linda Breitstein
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  • Our partners helping Draw the Lines

    Draw the Lines PA is working with dozens of partners from the fields of education, civic engagement and human services.

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