Do you belong to an organization that cares about civic life, community health or a specific public issue?

Or just one where people who like one another get together to share an activity (e.g. a book club, supper club, discussion group)?

We’d love to help your organization or group connect with DTL to learn about gerrymandering and how its effects seep into so many issues and aspects of public life.  We’d really love it if your group’s members entered maps in our competitions, either as individuals or as a group.

If you enter as a group and happen to win a prize, we’re happy to write the check to the organization to support its activities.

If your group can gather a significant crowd, we might be able to come do one of Events with it: Gerrymandering 101, Games for Democracy or Mapathon.  Or, we can equip you with all the materials, background and logistical tips you’d need to hold an event yourselves.

Just fill out the form below or contact us at to get the ball rolling.