What does voting mean to you?

Voting is an important right to everyone in the United States. It gives citizens a voice in choosing who represents them. It is through the combined effort of all voters that decide the direction of the country. As a college student, the upcoming election will be my first presidential election in which I have the right to vote. To me, it is crucial that everyone votes, no matter the outcome, such that the results of the election best represents the people.

What other political/social/societal issues matter to you that are impacted by gerrymandering?

Every issue is indirectly impacted by gerrymandering and the people of Pennsylvania deserve to have their elected representatives fight for the issues they believe in. Along with this, gerrymandering adds to the polarization of society, as an incumbent in a gerrymandered district cares more about fueling their own base than appealing to the entire district. This leads to a greater division between ideals and makes the citizens feel more divided than we actually are.

Ryan Cedzo of Gannon University won the first ever live mapping competition in October 2020.

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