Image Credit: Linda Breitstein

With Pennsylvania's redistricting process for the 2020s now complete, the Draw the Lines project is winding down active operations. However, our parent organization, the Committee of Seventy, is keeping our resources live on this website. That means that teachers, students, and voters will continue to have access to the materials that citizen mappers used to help make the recent redistricting process the most transparent in Pennsylvania history. 

This includes:

  • A virtual class period, where we give you a run-through of Redistricting 101, and then a demo of the Dave's Redistricting App mapping platform.
  • Flashes of Insight, the popular redistricting values exercise that helps students think about all of the different ways that districts can be mapped, and the trade-offs that become necessary.
  • A collection of short videos offering 5-minute intros to the topic
  • video on Amanda Holt, the citizen mapper who was the inspiration behind the Draw the Lines project.
  • A worksheet that allows students to role-play as a gerrymandering political consultant, simply demonstrating what gerrymandering is and does.

While Draw the Lines will no longer operate mapping competitions, we still invite classrooms to use these materials. We've had teachers in AP Government, Social Studies, Statistics, and GIS use them, in both high schools and on college campuses.

With any questions, please contact