Dan Mallinson

As a state politics scholar, I have an interest in helping my students understand how the ways in which district lines are drawn shape who has a voice in government, and thus power.

States vary a great deal in how they tackle the process of redistricting and Pennsylvania has a lot to learn from, and potentially share with, lawmakers in other states.

It is vital for citizens to be informed about how government works and how its decisions affect their daily lives. I can think of no issue that is more fundamental to those concerns than how representational boundaries are drawn.

Dan Mallinson has experience as both an academic and public sector practitioner. His expertise is in state and local government, with a primary research focus on how new policy ideas spread among the states. He has also done specific research on medical marijuana, opioid, criminal justice, energy, and environmental policies.

Prior to working at Penn State, he was an assistant Professor at Stockton University in New Jersey. Prior to his academic career, Dan was a program analyst for the Office of the Inspector General at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and an information specialist at the PA Public Utility Commission.