About Lauren Heine & Jordin Giovagnoli: Lauren and Jordin are students at Abington Heights High School in Lackawanna County. (Photo requested.)

Judges' statement

We were impressed by how their essay talked so honestly about the problems they ran into and how they handled them. The resulting map metrics were just fine. 

Heine's Lines

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Personal statement

Pennsylvania is a beautiful state that we are proud to call our home. However, it is also known to fall into the abuse called gerrymandering when redistricting occurs. This allows a certain party to be favored, and can also involve discrimination against certain races, religions, etc. We think that this needs to change.

For our map, we prioritized forming districts with equal populations and representation. We also wanted to keep the districts as compact as possible in order to keep the districts fair. People who commented on our  draft map said that some of the districts weren't as compact as they had hoped, so we tried our best to make them as compact as possible.

While doing the map, we ran into trouble in trying to keep them very compact, since sometimes that not skewing the populations. However, we worked on those problems by continually shifting certain census tracts into other districts to hit the target population while retaining a pretty compact shape.