Draw the Lines to present Citizens' Map to legislators

October 11th, 2021

On Oct. 26th, Draw the Lines will be sharing the Citizens' Map directly with legislators, and helping them "piece together" PA's next voting districts.

How do you make redistricting fun? Like really fun, beyond the amusement you can have on mapping websites drawing your own districts? 

We turned the Citizens' Map into a puzzle, where you can literally piece together Pennsylvania's voting districts. 

On October 26th, we are bringing the puzzles of the Pennsylvania Citizens' Map to Harrisburg. DTL Map Corps members and volunteers will pass out a puzzle to each and every member of the General Assembly -- all 253 of them.

The Pennsylvania Citizens' Map is a composite representation of PA's voting districts drawn collectively and vetted by thousands of Pennsylvanians. It should be the starting point for the General Assembly's work on the commonwealth's congressional map.

Are you interested in helping volunteer to hand out these puzzles? We can use an extra hand! Join us at the PA State Capitol in the afternoon of Tues, October 26th. If you're interested, please reach out to info (a) drawthelinespa.org.