Corinna Wilson
Corinna Wilson

Corinna Wilson is Draw the Lines PA's Central PA Coordinator.

As a lawyer and a journalist, my work to make government more transparent spans decades.

I personally enjoy robust disagreements over matters of fiscal and public policy, even when they can feel unpleasant. But I can see that partisanship in the process of government is what causes people to lose faith in democracy.

I just don’t understand people who don’t want to understand how their government works. I’m  deeply concerned any time one group inside government is given an unfair advantage.

Yet I firmly believe that government can work really well when we elect smart people who appoint competent people. But this happens only if we actively monitor their performance. And we can’t do that job if we don’t have meaningful access to vote, or if our votes themselves are not meaningful.

So needless to say, I leaped at the chance to work on an initiative that encourages Pennsylvanians of all ages to monitor and engage with how we assign voters to federal and state legislative districts every 10 years.

This is arguably the most fundamental process, the one from which all others follow, and one that must be the most fair in its design!

Corinna Wilson has over 25 years of experience as a corporate lawyer, lobbyist and trade association and not-for-profit senior manager. She is also a media and communications professional, having worked in newspapers and on television. Most recently, she was vice president for content and on-air host at Pennsylvania Cable Network, the “C-Span” of Pennsylvania. She advocated successfully for passage of a major overhaul of the Pennsylvania Right-to-Know law in 2008. She has her own consulting firm in Harrisburg, Wilson500, Inc. She is proud of co-founding the Capitol All-Stars legislative softball game and the Pennsylvania Women’s Forum.