About Derek Nguyen: Hello there!  I am a student of Roman Catholic High School. Other than the excessive amount of time I play video games and my high-ish grades, there’s nothing too spectacular about me. I play chess, serve Mass, and write stories that no one else will ever read. I am rather introverted, thus, I despise attention with a burning passion. Most of the attention I receive is sort of well deserved, but I find it unnecessary. After all, I think people should find their own glory and achievements as opposed to raising someone else’s.

Judges' statement

We found this a good-looking map with very compact shapes and very few county splits. Derek certainly had distinctive opinions in his personal statement, which he expressed very candidly. 

Endorsements: 1

Personal statement

My unorthodox methods of making this map may provide points of interest. l cared not for the majority/minority scale and the competitiveness of each district in particular, although I unintentionally made the majority of districts competitive. I would go back and change them, but it conflicts with something I cared about far more.

What I actively made an effort to do was keep the shapes of all my districts simple. As such, I broke a number of county lines to do it. Most districts I have are as rounded or as square as they can be. Obviously, this was to avoid gerrymandering, but it serves a greater purpose than that. I tried my hardest to create these shapes to show that the natural shapes of the counties and census tracts are really stupid.

My bluntness is only a testament to how weirdly these things are shaped.  I can understand why they are so, but they are holding the government back from doing anything neatly. If they can be changed, they need to be changed, but I digress.

Equal population is also something that interested me, because that is needed for any semblance of fairness.

My interest in fixing this problem is a mixed bag. I care about this because it could very well influence my future, but at the same time, since the adults who are supposed to be our voice continue to cause these problems, my interest waxes and wanes.. I hope, like most people do, to live to see a brighter future with less greedy people.