We’re happy to partner with any group that wants to learn more about the redistricting issue in a fun, impactful way.

 We’ve got three basic types of event that we do:

1)  Gerrymandering 101, a lively tour of the issue with some interactive fun.

2) Carnival (or Bar Games) for Democracy, where the stress is on interactivity, fun and prizes, but where you can actually learn some useful facts along the way.  (We call it a carnival for the under-21 crowd; Bar Games for groups that can legally appreciate a good craft beer.)

3) DTL Mapathon, where we start to seriously geek out with the software and help you get started on making maps.

And we’ll work with you on any other kind of event idea you have, as long as it gets people thinking about how they want their democracy to work and what they’re going to do to make that happen. For example, this fall in Philly we’re working with another group on a story slam on this theme: Saving Democracy.

Contact us using the form below and let us know what you have in mind. We look forward to working with you.