Here’s a goal that some people suggest for any election map of Pennsylvania: It should reflect “communities of interest,” people’s sense of the place they call home.

 These place identities often exist apart from formal county or municipal boundaries e.g. the Lehigh Valley, the Poconos, the Mon Valley, the Laurel Highlands, the Slate Belt.

No matter where you live in our wide, diverse state, it’s hard to know just how people in other parts of Pennsylvania might define their community of interest.

That’s where Draw the Lines PA’s Hometown Portrait comes in. Through the Hometown Portrait, we’re creating on online space where people like you can help other Pennsylvanians understand how you define your community.  This will come in handy for them, or for others, when they start to draw election maps.

We invite you to do your own Hometown Portrait below, answering as many of these simple prompts as you like. Don’t worry about trying to do them all; do just the ones that interest you.

When you submit your form, feel free to attach any photos, drawings, hand-drawn maps or videos that might help convey your sense of “The Place Where I Live.”