Ethan Hermann (Drexel Univ., Allegheny County) - Honorable Mention, Western Higher Ed

About Ethan: Hi! My name is Ethan, and I am a third year economics major at Drexel University. My father is from Philly area and my Mom grew up in Pittsburgh, so I am familiar with the whole state. I grew up in Pittsburgh, but then moved across PA for college.

Judges' Statement

Ethan's personal statement touched on how he handled a number of different locations in PA, showing a broad engagement with the commonwealth's many intricacies. None of his metrics blew away the rest of the competition, but this map makes clear that once thoughtful trade-offs are made, you can create a balanced map.

Personal Statement

I grew up in Pittsburgh and I go to college in Philadelphia, with one parent from each side of the state. When I say I call the entire state of PA my home, I do. Pittsburgh is ingrained in my childhood. I know all of the Pittsburgh suburbs, the small towns heading to Erie, the north central corridor and Altoona and State College all the way to Mechanicsburg. I know Carlisle and Harrisburg and Herhsey and boy do I know Philadelphia and its surrounding areas. Pennsylvania has as bunch of communities that are often divided by voting class instead of socioeconomic class, and so a lot of my focus in this map was to properly address an equal amount of socioeconomic spread in each congressional district. Your vote is different when your livelihood is dependent on it, and giving a proper variety of social class into each district ensures a proper variety of votes in local and state elections.