Personal Statement

I really enjoyed making the congressional districts map and figured i would try making the legislative district map. I find redistricting to be really interesting and love to see how a simple map is able to change the entire election. In this map i simply prioritized equal population and tried to get around the same population with each district. Some input i got was how weird each district was, however after explaining how some voting districts are not contiguous the person understood. I also got criticism for not having a major core belief like minority representation. I tried my best to have minority districts when possible, however i stuck with my main goal of having equal population and contiguity. The major challenge faced was how some voting districts are not contiguous, which made it extremely hard to make an equal population while also being contiguous. It was also extremely hard to make each equally populated due to some districts having 800 people and others having 5 thousand with size not mattering at all. It was very easy to go over with one district and at the end became a very tedious process of adding and subtracting districts.