Draw the Lines Podcast


Draw the Lines Podcast

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Highlights from Season 1 of the podcast that's out to slay the gerrymander

Slay the gerrymander. Draw the Lines, PA.


We're a nonpartisan resource for Pennsylvanians who want to end gerrymandering. We tell their stories and offer them resources. We provide digital tools and data so they can draw their own election maps. Why? To prove that our state's people — whether 14, 44 or 84 — are ready, willing and able to do this core job of democracy. Find out more about our spring mapping competition.  Questions? Contact us at info@drawthelinespa.org 

thornburg square


Committee of Seventy President and CEO David Thornburgh walks you through the basics of DTL's congressional district mapping competition.

Citizen Stories

Amanda Holt's Story

In 2010, she was a 29-year-old piano teacher living near Allentown. Then she noticed something … off in how her home state ran elections. She got curious. Then she got mad. And Pennsylvania politics was in for an earthquake.