Kathleen T. Doherty is Associate Provost of Harrisburg Area Community College.

As an educator, I see this as a wonderful opportunity to teach our citizens—young and old—about an important issue that impacts our elections and our government.

Draw the Lines puts the information in their hands. It allows them to easily see the problem. It’s one thing to hear the team—gerrymandering. It’s another to see the map! AND, Draw the Lines gives citizens the tools to develop the solution.

An uneducated population is vulnerable to exploitation and manipulation by those in power who seek to advance their own interests above those of the people. By knowing the problem, and the potential solutions, citizens are in a better position to advocate for themselves.

Dr. Doherty is a member of Draw the Lines PA's Central Steering Commitee. She's a professor of psychology and associate provost at Harrisburg Area Community College. A Philadelphia native, she holds a bachelor's degree in psychology from Gettysburg College and master's and doctorate degrees in social psychology from the University of Maryland at College Park.