Why does it matter?

Students will be able to...

- Identify key issues and the governmental policies that can address the issues.
- Describe how gerrymandering impacts how government implements policies.
- Identify and analyze the different values that are commonly brought to the task of drawing a Congressional map.

In order to...

Understand how different values require trade-offs that impact how a Congressional map is drawn.

Time commitment

One class period (about 45 minutes)

PA Standards Met

5.2.(class).D. - Citizen’s role in political process

5.3.(class).D. - Elections, mass media, interest groups

7.2. - Physical characteristics of places and regions

7.3. - Human characteristics of places and regions

  • Video: Amanda Holt, Pennsylvania's citizen mapper

    This five-minute video demonstrates the power of one person to make a difference by drawing a map.

  • Flashes of Insight

    Which values are most important when drawing a map? This popular activity gets students to think about the motivations for why voting districts have their crazy shapes.