Citizen Map Corps members give their thoughts on draft legislative maps to LRC

November 15th, 2021

The PA Legislative Reapportionment Commission will field testimony on Nov. 15, 2021 on citizen-drawn state legislative maps. There were nearly 60 State House and Senate entries to Draw the Lines competitions over the last three years.

We picked out two award-winning maps for further review from our Citizen Map Corps. William Billingsley is a multi-time DTL winner; this is his 2020 State Senate map. You can see his original entry, using old data, here.

Ryan Cedzo is also a multi-time DTL winner. He previously drew a winning State House map. This is an updated map he drew with 2020 Census data earlier this fall (unadjusted for prisoner reallocation).

We are presenting this video the LRC for their awareness about how citizen mappers have gained a deep understanding of redistricting and how to map their home communities.

Redistricting must be a collaborative process between representatives and the represented.