Citizen Stories

 democracy happens one person at a time

Each person‘s story is worth telling. We share stories about the efforts, struggles and successes of people who step up to make democracy work better — in their community, their state, their nation. That work can get lonely. It‘s good to have a gathering place to pick up tips, offer support and get inspired.

  • Mariam Sayeed of Pittsburgh

    Mariam Sayeed believes voters' choices on who should represent our communities become crucial when it comes to decisions about education, health care and safety. She's begun to understand how these decisions are affected by gerrymandering.

    Mariam Sayeed
    Mariam Sayeed
  • Rachel Colker of Pittsburgh

    Rachel Colker is leading Draw the Lines PA' efforts in western Pennsylvania because she recognizes gerrymandering is at the root of growing political dysfunction.

  • Kitsy McNulty of Pittsburgh

    Kitsy McNulty is working toward reforming redistricting so that people check their partisanship at the door in favor of designing fair representation for all.

    Kitsy McNulty speaks at a DTL event at the Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh. | Image Credit: Rachel Colker