Citizen Stories

 democracy happens one person at a time

Each person‘s story is worth telling. We share stories about the efforts, struggles and successes of people who step up to make democracy work better — in their community, their state, their nation. That work can get lonely. It‘s good to have a gathering place to pick up tips, offer support and get inspired.

  • Jill Family of Camp Hill

    A 1989 Time magazine cover depicting George Washington with a tear running down his cheek, headlined "Is Government Dead?" helped inspire Professor Jill Family to play a leading role in Draw the Lines.

    Dr. Jill Family
  • Kathleen Pavelko of New Cumberland

    Kathleen Pavelko joined Draw The Lines PA to be part of the effort to return fairness to a process essential to our democracy.

    Kathleen Pavelko
  • Corinna Wilson of Camp Hill

    Corinna Wilson has been working for decades, as a lawyer and a journalist, to make government more transparent, and is Draw the Lines PA's Central PA Coordinator.

    Corinna Wilson
    Corinna Wilson
  • Paula Duda Holoviak of Sugarloaf

    Paula Duda Holoviak never lost the excitement about grassroots political participation she learned from her father at a young age.

  • Dan Mallinson of Middletown

    As a state politics scholar, Dan has an interest in helping his students understand how the ways in which district lines are drawn shape who has a voice in government, and thus power.

  • Kathleen Doherty of Mechanicsburg

    This educator believes Draw the Lines PA provides an opportunity for lifelong learning about good citizenship.

  • Bob Trumpbour of Duncansville

    Bob Trumpbour's research focuses on how big sports stadiums get built, which has him interested in the political processes involved in that - including how political lines are drawn.