Citizen Map Corps

The Citizen Map Corps will lead DTL’s statewide effort in 2021. Members will use events, media, essays, videos, and social posts to tell their stories about why they are fighting to Slay the Gerrymander. Interested in getting involved? Contact us at

This page features members of the Map Corps, plus other Citizen Stories from people who have been integral in growing this movement.

  • Mariam Sayeed of Pittsburgh

    Mariam Sayeed believes voters' choices on who should represent our communities become crucial when it comes to decisions about education, health care and safety. She's begun to understand how these decisions are affected by gerrymandering.

    Mariam Sayeed
    Mariam Sayeed
  • Rachel Colker of Pittsburgh

    Rachel Colker is leading Draw the Lines PA' efforts in western Pennsylvania because she recognizes gerrymandering is at the root of growing political dysfunction.