The personal statement is worth 30 percent in deciding the winner.  However, remember that, in previous competitions, judges often used the essay to pick the winner from several equally strong map submissions.

The statement must:

  • Be submitted as text, video or audio
  • Explain your stake/interest in the redistricting issue.
  • Identify what values you (or your team) sought to prioritize, and why those values are important to you.
  • Describe what input you (or your team) got on your map. This is a public process that should welcome debate. How did you incorporate other opinions on how PA's lines should be drawn?
  • Discuss what challenges you (or your team) encountered in drawing your map and how you (or your team) handled them.

Recommended length for statements is 400 words or less (for text submissions) or three minutes or less (for video and audio submissions).

If you submit multimedia instead of text, please provide a link to it in the statement box of the form.