Sign up and start your first map

  • Do not enter as guest - this is only useful if you want to view maps from previous competition cycles. 

  • Click "Sign Up" and provide essential information


Start your first map

In Box 1, make sure “17 district congressional map” is selected. If you click the dropdown, you can still select and draw an 18 district map, but you won’t be eligible to enter the competition.

You can leave your map and come back to it later. Box 2, under “My Maps” is where you’ll go to select a previously-started map to resume drawing. You can draw an unlimited number of maps.

In Box 3, you can select one of two templates:

  • A “Blank” slate of the commonwealth, without any district lines.
  • A generic template of 17 partially-completed districts that you can use as a starting point.

Our recommendation: Start with a blank map; that’s the easiest way to learn about the platform. As you get comfortable with DistrictBuilder, you can then start a new map, either from scratch with a blank template or with the partially-completed template.

Give your map a name in Box 4, and press "Start Drawing".