The DTL team

The Committee of Seventy will serve as DTL’s “backbone organization,” responsible for DTL’s project management and fiscal administration.  Based in Philadelphia, Seventy is a 113-year old nonpartisan, nonprofit advocate for better government in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania.  The largest good government group in the Commonwealth, Seventy is led by a board of prominent business and civic leaders who represent major firms, universities, and civic institutions.

Seventy’s CEO, David Thornburgh, is an accomplished and respected civic leader and second son of former Republican Governor Dick Thornburgh. Chris Satullo, Seventy’s Civic Engagement Consultant, will serve as DTL Project Director. Satullo is an experienced journalist and leader of civic engagement, having been a news executive at the Philadelphia Inquirer and WHYY public media and having co-founded the Penn Project for Civic Engagement at the University of Pennsylvania. He co-led the 2011 Fix Philly Districts mapping contest. DTL’s project manager is Justin Villere. He has managed various Committee of Seventy events since 2016, and previously served as the managing director of Bike & Build, a Philadelphia nonprofit that engaged young adults in volunteer service through long-distance cycling events.

Draw the Lines will operate as a distinct brand, with its own logo, website and advisory board — all separate from the Committee of Seventy.  The brand will be localized as much as possible, emphasizing the school district, the Boy Scout troop, the retirement community, or the college classroom participating locally.

DTL will be hiring steering committee coordinators to lead these efforts. Check back soon for information on these individuals; they will be the “boots on the ground” working to reach voters and students across Pennsylvania.